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    Short Aikido video clip

    Just a short video clip of me doing some Jiyuwaza (various techniques) after training. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEao4EzaM0w It will be part of personal introduction of me to the 71 aikidoka (including me) around the globe that will represent aikido at the 1'st World Combat Games...
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    History of Aikido!

    Since it cannot be clearified enough, I would like for reference sake once and for all refere to www.aikidojournal.com and the interviews and articles found therein and the fora within www.aikidojournal.com www.aikiweb.com and www.e-budo.com to gain objective information about the history...
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    Kids in Aikido (pics)

    I just wanted to share some pictures of the childrens group training in our dojo. http://www.lundsaikido.com/barnaikido.htm The pictures were taken at a demo we had for the parents at the end of the spring semester 2003. Enjoy! I'm the male instructor. /J
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    Video clip?

    Hi guys and gal's. I've seen a clip a while back ago of Seagal sensei demonstrating in All Japan Aikido demonstration (or maybe just all Japan aikido). Anyone have a clue of where I could obtain this video clip (or the full video)? Jakob
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    Hi again!

    Hello fellow Aikidoka and other Seagal fans! I'm glad to see such a well moderated Seagal board!