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  1. Mercurial

    Dropping in to share this...

    Hey guys, It's been crazy busy down here as usual - got edits back for my third book (due out late this year). almost finished writing the 4th... working a screen play - which is a ton of fun and very very different to novel writing. And today this review arrived! Which has totally blown...
  2. Mercurial

    Good morning, tis a beautiful day here in NZ!

    Hey guys, Hope you're all having a great week! It's Wednesday already here, unbelievable. Squealer has settled into her new school and is doing well. Breezy starts morning Kindergarten on March 1st. The Boy Wonder begins University in March he has orientation week coming up at the end of...
  3. Mercurial

    Happy New Year you all!

    Hey guys! Looks like we made it to 2010!! Jan first was spent doing an interview. The fab folk at Un:bound. (The very lovely Hagelrat) asked if I would be the first for the year. So I am. (And surprisingly thankful that I didn't drink New Years eve ...) She came up with some hard...
  4. Mercurial

    First review

    Woke up to find this today: Unbound. (does not contain spoilers!) What an awesome thing to wake up too!! and tonight this was in my inbox (well it's part of an email from EPIC!) EPIC is delighted to announce that your entry, Killerbyte, is a finalist in the category F6 - Mystery and/or...
  5. Mercurial

    Terrorbyte release!

    My second crime thriller novel was released late last night!! Terrorbyte: When Special Agent Ellie Conway launches the Butterfly Foundation to help the children of mentally ill parents, she never envisaged it becoming a smorgasbord for a monster. Terrorbyte
  6. Mercurial

    anyone doing NaNoWriMo

    Just wondering... It's coming up in a few days. I've written a guest blog on the subject over at, Mike's Writing Workshop Nano with a twist. :D
  7. Mercurial

    The butterfly effect

    Hey guys, A friend of mine came up with an idea to try and get my book trailers to go viral. Everyone please go watch the trailers and tell your friends to do that same! The KILLERBYTE trailer The TERRORBYTE trailer Cheers Cat (mercurial)
  8. Mercurial

    My first interview

    Hey guys, My first interview is up over at Miscellaneous Yammering! It's been a pretty week or so - On Friday last week I sold the electronic rights for my second novel, Terrorbyte, release date TBA. (It'll be out before the end of the year) Killerbyte received a truly AWESOME review which...
  9. Mercurial

    not new but returned...

    Hi, I came back a few days ago to see who was still around from the old site; not many familiar faces here any more! Guess that's what happens when I disappear for a few years or so... lol. Not sure how long I'll be around, but at the moment things look pretty settled.
  10. Mercurial


    How is everyone? I haven't been here in a long while, its good to be back.