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  1. Reservoir Dog

    The Official Van Damme Kumite Thread.

    Haha, I am sorry, but he is in great shape. He looks 10x healthier than Seagal.
  2. Reservoir Dog

    My Site was removed !!!!

    I doubt the OOR Protest did anything to warrant a deletion of the page The service may have expired, or something must be wrong over at tripod.
  3. Reservoir Dog

    Steven Seagal Launches Pure Force Energy Bar to Retailers !!

    Good question LittleD. I would think that would be difficult. They dont want Seagal to look out of shape on the package, because that doesnt say much for the nutrition of the supposed nutritious energy bar. Also, they know the fans arent stupid. It would be stupid to put a picture of Nico when...
  4. Reservoir Dog

    Which President Would You Vote For?

    That has got to be the funniest, most controversial, thing I ever read on this forum. I am counting the minutes until it is deleted :D
  5. Reservoir Dog

    Which President Would You Vote For?

    IQ has nothing to do with college, its something your born with. What are you talking about?
  6. Reservoir Dog

    Legendary Comedian Rodney Dangerfield Dies

    Legendary comedian Rodney Dangerfield dies. This guy was my favorite. Such a shame. Comic Rodney Dangerfield Dies in L.A. at Age 82 23 minutes ago Entertainment - Reuters By Steve Gorman LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Rodney Dangerfield (news), the goggle-eyed comic famed for his...
  7. Reservoir Dog

    Michigan Autumn

    Wow, Serena, that is beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I think most people think Detroit when Michigan is mentioned, and hardly ever consider the other things the state has to offer. It looks very nice, I plan to go to school in Michigan in a few years.
  8. Reservoir Dog

    The Rickson Gracie & Steven Seagal Pic, (Rare & Unseen.)

    Haha yes, LittleD, that would be cool. How come Gracie hasnt gone into the movie business? I think he could definitley make a lot of money doing Van Damme tournament style movies, even if they were only DTV.
  9. Reservoir Dog

    Could Seagal sue for this?!

    I doubt its true. We will have to look for a scene with a thai prostitute and 2 russian girls in an aquarium in order to judge for ourselves.
  10. Reservoir Dog

    Review: The Glimmer Man

    Just saw it for the first time, and wow! I consider myself a die hard Seagal fan, but up until today, I have never seen this movie. Granted, the dumb title may have been the majority of the reason I decided not to watch it, but the idea of him partnering with a Wayans guy didnt really sound too...
  11. Reservoir Dog

    Hey Girls Help!!!!...

    Frankly, I think if Seagal read that, he would feel awkward and probably want a restraining order. This is not meant to be insult by the way, but I really think there is a problem here... :eek: :indiffere
  12. Reservoir Dog

    Which President Would You Vote For?

    Unequal rights? Sounds like hatred. Have you ever heard the comedian Alonzo Bodden. He made a statement about this. It was something about people complaining that gay marriage will tear the world apart. but he says, how will that affect me? Then the people respond by saying the things you just...
  13. Reservoir Dog

    Steven Seagal Launches Pure Force Energy Bar to Retailers !!

    Sounds Great I am always looking for new snacks. :D This could be very beneficial for "Into the Sun". If it does come out in the first quarter of 2005, maybe that will generate some buzz for Seagal and the film. That free DVD is definitley gonna sell boxes.
  14. Reservoir Dog

    Where's Yudansha?

    Your right It does seem a lot quieter around here lately. In terms of Isa Marie, she left around the time a couple of us called her out about insulting Lotussan, and has barely returned since. Yudansha will return though, and you can take that to the bank!:D
  15. Reservoir Dog

    Which President Would You Vote For?

    Dont know too much about either candidate... I am not excited about either one anyway. I wouldnt like to see a draft, and I think the war was a big pointless mistake, but then again, I like Bush's firm and decesive action policy. In terms of moral issues, I dont know about that, but I myself am...
  16. Reservoir Dog

    What Movie Is Burning Up Your VHS/DVD Player Right Now?

    Yeah, I agree, I'm not in a Van Damme mood either. Have you seen "Lionheart" though, it is pretty cool?
  17. Reservoir Dog

    Is Julius R Nasso doing time?

    Pics of Nasso Nasso and Seagal, Nasso He is a squirrely looking dude, kinda pudgy too.
  18. Reservoir Dog

    Is Julius R Nasso doing time?

    I dunno for sure, but why was Seagal in Brooklyn anyway? The whole thing seems kinda fishy to me... He has been living overseas for awhile now right? I thought he only came back to shoot "Exit Wounds", and that was a year later.
  19. Reservoir Dog

    Is Julius R Nasso doing time?

    Not neccessarily, LittleD No one can afford to try and take on a group of heavily armed mobsters, despite what Seagal's movies would like us to believe:D
  20. Reservoir Dog

    Rodney Dangerfield recovering slowly

    Rodney is the best! I hope he pulls through. He is a legend.