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  1. Reservoir Dog

    The Steven Seagal Wallpaper Thread

    Great! Thank you, Serena, that is excellent. Unfortunately, I am going to be very busy these next couple of days, and I didnt sign on a lot this week. I love that environmental theme. As far as what I meant by the difference between "candid" photos and others, I just meant that a timeline...
  2. Reservoir Dog

    Is Julius R Nasso doing time?

    Terrible. A real shame too, considering the only reason Nasso made any money was because of Seagal, not in spite of. Now he will pay for his greed in jail, but unfortunately, I dont think the harm done to Seagal and his career will ever be totally mended.
  3. Reservoir Dog

    Movies Another New Seagal Movie - 'Unleashed'

    As long as it does get released I dont mind not seeing it on the big screen, as long as i do in fact see it. Believe me, even if does go to theatres, it really wont be a hit, I am sorry to say. I have no problem with the DTV movies. They are in a way better because you have the luxury of...
  4. Reservoir Dog

    The Steven Seagal Wallpaper Thread

    Those are very cool! I am not sure which one i like better, because each color works better for different pics. I will just have to use both. :D Thanks again!
  5. Reservoir Dog

    Movies Another New Seagal Movie - 'Unleashed'

    If I remember correctly, "Unleashed" was the working title for a DTV film that has already been released. Possibly OOR or maybe even "Into the Sun"
  6. Reservoir Dog

    It's Cardinals time !!!

    He retired. Pujols is the one to watch now.
  7. Reservoir Dog

    The Steven Seagal Wallpaper Thread

    This is exactly what I had mind! Very cool! Thank you so much! Serena I just thought of the idea of sort of a timeline of the life and career of Seagal. For example, the earliest picture that is in the gallery, and good pictures found throught his career/life. I think it would be cool to do...
  8. Reservoir Dog

    Vote for best Fighter

    Seagal is my favorite martial artist, but I dont know if he is the best or not. That is all matter of opinion, but in my opinion, he is the best.
  9. Reservoir Dog

    Girl It's Alright Video

    Yes! Truly Inspired. I enjoyed the video a lot. Thank you so much Craig.
  10. Reservoir Dog

    The Steven Seagal Wallpaper Thread

    Yes! They are all great!! I will have to use them all. I agree with littleragon I think one from the Nico era would be great. ( Above the law, Hard to Kill, Marked for Death and or Out for Justice) Thank you everyone for all of your work!!
  11. Reservoir Dog

    The Steven Seagal Wallpaper Thread

    Wow!!! I missed those!!! They are all great! Thank you for putting so much effort into these. They are exceptional. I will have to use them all. You can never have to many calendars, can you? :D
  12. Reservoir Dog

    The Steven Seagal Wallpaper Thread

    Wow These are so cool. You know a cool idea would be to do one for each of his movies for every month. This would be so cool for a calendar. You could do one for 12 movies or just 12 different ones mixed together or something like that. This is the coolest thing Ive had on my desktop for...
  13. Reservoir Dog

    The Steven Seagal Wallpaper Thread

    WOWWWWWWW! Those are Great! I will have to use that OOR one!! Thank you Serena!!
  14. Reservoir Dog

    Seagal In SNL

    SNL was pretty good He only appeared on SNL 1 time actually. I agree, MD commercial was cool and I would love to see him come back and promote Livewire or Code Red or something. The commercial got a positive response with non seagal fans too (all my friends :D)
  15. Reservoir Dog

    Girl It's Alright Video

    Cool! Thank you so much craig! Do you know when this video was filmed? I am still waiting for the CD to be released in the US
  16. Reservoir Dog

    Vote for Steven's Mountain Dew commercial.

    Lol, his percentage is decreasing even with more votes. :D I think its safe to say this poll is over with.
  17. Reservoir Dog

    **The Getting To Know You**

    Flip Phones I want a flip phone too. I just got a cell phone the other day, and it was free, but not a flip phone, and i was disappointed. It seems like everyone else has one though. Enjoy your phone, they are a lot more comfortable then the regular ones, which is probably why they are 2x more...
  18. Reservoir Dog

    Subject:Steven Seagal: News From The Bulgaria !!

    Thanks Suzi!! Cool Pics!! If Seagal came to my school, I think I would cry :D
  19. Reservoir Dog

    Interview with Steven Seagal: July 27, 2004 !!!

    Great interview!! Thank you suzi and KCS. Very interesting stuff. According to the article, there are at least 6 more films going to be made, so that stuff about retiring after "Submerged" must have been false. Also, US3 is not one of those, so I guess we can finally put that rumor to rest. I...
  20. Reservoir Dog

    The Passion of the Christ