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    Urban Justice (Renegade Justice) Reviews

    Really cool film!!!! Nothing like an old school Seagal film. Lots of fights, blood, shoot outs and swearing. No dubbing, No stock footage, Good acting from everyone involved, straight forward revenge plot. Seagal really seemed interested in making this film. It was nice to see him return to the...
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    Movies Attack Force - 5th December 2006

    Here is a review of the film http://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/read.php?ID=25185
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    Reviews: Mercenary For Justice

    Here is a positive review from DVD Talk. http://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/read.php?ID=21021
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    "Mojo Priest" in Amazon France !!

    Is this cd only going to be released in France like his first cd?
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    Custom Mercenary For Justice Trailer

    This trailer was made from a low quality screener i think the actual dvd will look alot better. Im looking forward to this film. It's cool having a new seagal film every couple of months.
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    Van Damme career guide.

    He was a former ballet dancer not karate champ.
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    Chuck VS Steven ?

    I thought Seagal in his prime was quite fast. If you watch the old footage from path beyond thought he is very quick and he has the size advantage so i think Seagal would be able to beat Chuck. It would have been one hell of a fight to see. Maybe the two of them can make a movie together. That...
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    Chuck VS Steven ?

    Chuck Norris only knows how to kick and punch so Steven would just block them and flip chuck around like a rag doll.
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    The Cutter with Chuck Norris

    I agree. It looks exactly like Seagal's DTV movies. Chuck Norris is in great shape and he's using a fight double which i think proves that the production companies are probably not allowing these aging action stars to do too many stunts and fights because of the cost involved.
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    Movies Steven's Upcoming Movies - 2005

    Here is a link with the cover art and description. http://dvd.themanroom.com/dvd-detail.php?id=2751
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    Movies Steven's Upcoming Movies - 2005

    Has anybody noticed that over on digitalbits.com they have Mercenary For Justice announced to be released by FOX on April 18. I am assuming that this is Seagal's Mercenary.
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    Why did steven change his rug?

    But if these DTV movies make money then a studio may decide to make a bigger budget movie with him. If these DTV films don't make a profit then there is no way a studio will invest more money to make a big budget theater film.
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    Mission Impossible 3 starts production.

    So Why start a thread if we can't post our comments and opinions!!!!!!!
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    Mission Impossible 3 starts production.

    I hated the first 2
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    Out For A Kill - The Making Of

    i would like to know why this wasn't included on the dvd. I thought it was interesting seeing Seagal directing scenes and seeing him setting up some of the fight scenes. It was obvious that he seemed more commited to this film than some of his other films. That explains why the fight sequences...
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    Van Damme's Upcoming Movies.

    I was going to say how much i hate Van Damme and can't understand why people are talking about this coke head on a Steven Seagal web site but i don't want to ruffle any feathers!!!!!
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    Question About Today You Die Release.

    hopefully they got seagal's dialog recorded the first time so that we won't have to hear the dubbing again. But since the film is involved in a number of lawsuits theirs probably no money left for post production and the film will probably end up being a mess.
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    Steven Seagal sued for $14 million by production company

    I don't think they did that good of a job hiding the double. It was VERY obvious to me!!!! I saw Exit Wounds in the theater and i cringed and was shocked everytime the double showed up. Exit Wounds was the first film that Seagal was extensively doubled that's why the article appeared in the...
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    Steven Seagal sued for $14 million by production company

    i'm not secretly disapointed with his recent films. If i don't enjoy a film i will say it. I hated Half Past Dead and Out of Reach but i enjoyed Exit Wounds, Foreigner, Out For A kill, Belly Of The Beast, Into The Sun, and Submerged. You guys make it like it's a crime for us to like his movies.
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    Steven Seagal sued for $14 million by production company

    Exit Wounds doesn't have that much fighting in it and with the exception of the short overly choregraphed fight sequence in front of the SUV all of the fight sequences make heavy use of doubles. In fact the fight with dmx in front of the building is probaly 95% stand in. The fight in the bar...