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    Submerged - review

    I thought it was a decent film. Not one of his best films but certainly not one of his worse either. It had lots of action, and a good story. The only bad thing of course was the dubbing of Seagal but it was handled alot better than in out of reach where there was aleast 3 different voices. The...
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    Movies Submerged Trailer Released!

    The film looks like it could be cool but the trailer isn't long enough to really tell. Thanks Craig!!!!
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    My "Into the sun" is coming !!!!

    I'm upset because Amazon didn't ship mine out till Thursday feb 17 so i won't get mine till Monday or Tuesday next week. Amazon use to ship my Seagal movies 3 days before the release date and i would usually receive the movie a day or two after the release date.
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    Into The Sun Reviews

    Here is a review from www.dvdtalk.com Reviews » DVD Video Reviews » Into the Sun Into the Sun Columbia/Tri-Star // R // $24.96 // February 15, 2005 Review by Ian Jane | posted February 10, 2005 | M O V I E *** out of 5 V I D E O ***1/2 out of 5 A U D I O **** out...
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    Movies Release : Into The Sun

    The official sony website has a slightly different synopsis of the film now: Action superstar Steven Seagal is back in this nonstop thrill ride! When the governor of Tokyo is murdered, it falls on ex-CIA agent Travis Hunter to track down the responsible terrorists. However, the plot to kill...
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    Into The Sun Reviews

    Ain't it cool "into the sun" review may contain spoilers Vern goes mano a mano with Seagal and goes deep INTO THE SUN!! Ahoy, squirts! Quint here, on the dawning of a new year with probably the most important story of 2004... That's right... Our man Vern has an unhealthy addiction. Some like...
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    Who Was Your First Idol?

    Elvis Presley, and Muhammad Ali
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    Should Steven do westerns?

    I F**K'IN hate westerns so i wouldn't want to see Seagal in a western.
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    Your Official 17 Seagal Film List!

    1) Marked For Death 2) Out For Justice 3) Under Siege 4) Under Siege 2 5) Hard To Kill 6) Above The Law 7) On Deadly Ground 8) The Glimmerman 9) Exit Wounds 10) Belly Of The Beast 11) Fire Down Below 12) Out For A Kill 13) The Foreigner 14) The Patriot 15) Out Of Reach...
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    All Amazon Customer Reviews (So Far) On Out Of Reach.

    I agree with that too but the problem with the fight sequences in Out Of Reach is that they were short, and slow with nothing really going on but the double was still used. The fight sequences in Belly of The Beast were alot better and i think Seagal did more in those fight sequences than he did...
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    New Van Damme Pics!

    Maybe Seagal should start using steroids and cocaine like Van damme. Van Damme is a bum. If you want to worship a dancer from Belgium then go to his site.
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    OUT OF REACH review!(Contain Spoilers)

    People seem to think that if Seagal would lose weight he would start doing his own fight sequences but he was thinner in exit wounds and still used the double, he was thinner in Out of Reach and still used the double and i'm sure he will be thinner in Into The Sun and still use doubles. It...
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    OUT OF REACH review!(Contain Spoilers)

    I didn't think it was a good film at all. It's bad enough that he uses a double for his fighting but now he can't even do his own dialogue. Seagal obviously doesn't care about the quality of his films anymore. He shows up, exerts as little of effort as he can and then picks up his paycheck. I'm...
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    OUT OF REACH review!(Contain Spoilers)

    Here is another review. Contains spoilers http://www.nixflix.com/reviews/outofreach.htm
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    Should we boycott the official site?

    I don't like the design of the site and it always seems like "Official" sites are always the last place to get any news. This site is way better.
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    Music Songs from the Crystal Cave CD - Released in May

    Looks like Amazon.fr has the cd back in stock. My order is being prepared to ship out.
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    Very negative review on "Out of Reach" You must read it

    It's not all bad. The guy thought it was better than the Foreigner and belly of the beast, which are 2 films that i enjoyed. The other positive is it doesn't sound like there are any stand ins doing the fighting, it will be just straight aikido and sword fighting the two things that seagal...
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    Flash!! Steven Seagal and David Zucker Team for Comedy !! !!

    All i can say is it appears that steven seagal must be really low on money. He seems to be signing on to whatever projects they offer him no matter how stupid it is. I'm a huge fan of his but i hate to see him selling out.
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    Order Out of Reach from Amazon...

    The film will be in widescreen. Amazon doesn't have the full specs listed yet. The same thing happened when Belly of The Beast was first announced.
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    Shouldnt there be a Out of reach trailer soon?

    Last i heard the film got pushed to the fall