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    Rate Half Past Dead

    At least in OFAK Seagal does most of his own fighting which in my opinion makes OFAK better than HPD.
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    Rate Half Past Dead

    Thumbs Down
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    Seagal's Worst...

    I have seen them and i really enjoyed them. Belly Of The Beast is the best of the 3 followed by Out For a Kill because of the cool fight sequences and then The Foreigner. Each of these films are not perfect and have some problems but are way better than Half Past Dead. Belly Of The Beast should...
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    Seagal's Worst...

    It would have to be Half Past Dead. Everything about the film is terrible, the acting, Badly done PG13 action sequences, Steven Seagal Uses a Stunt Double for everything other than walking in this film. I don't know why they bothered releasing this in theaters. Ticker was equally bad but Seagal...
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    Out for Money?

    I'm from Kitchener, Ontario and i saw it at Walmart.
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    The Action Kings website has the release date for Submerged listed as TBA 2005(video premiere).
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    Belly Of The Beast

    The film didn't suck. I really enjoyed it. The scenery was good. Lots of action. The fight sequences were well done. There were still too many stand- ins in the fight sequences but Seagal did do alot. Had the film makers stuck to straight Aikido and not had Seagal's character doing Kung fu...
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    is Belly OTB out in Region 1 yet?

    Mine was shipped today from Amazon.com so i should get it wednesday.
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    New Information About BOTB From A Reviewer + 3 New Fights Listed

    i have it on pre order because it looks like it won't be released in Canada untill January 20. That's the date that Futureshop.ca, Amazon.ca, and CDplus.com have listed. When the Foreigner came out it was also delayed in Canada. But Out for a Kill was released on the same day as the states.
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    Dvd Cover For Belly of the Beast + Release Date

    DVDfile.com says Belly of the Beast will be presented in anamorphic widescreen so hopefully the information on the UK site is wrong.
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    Ontario Elections....so who won in your riding.

    Elizabeth Witmer won in my area, but i think it's really sad that only 55% of people in Ontario voted. People should care more about who is going to be running the province for the next 4 years, and usually the people that don't vote are the ones who bitch the most about the problems in Ontario.
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    HPD, TF or OFAK ?

    Out For A Kill, Had the most and the best fighting sequences, Seagal did most of the fighting.The fight sequences made up for the flaws in the film. The Foreigner, had a few fight sequences, interesting story. Half Past Dead, I didn't really like it, uninteresting,boring story, 98% of...
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    other actors use stunt doubles

    Speaking of stunt doubles i noticed in the credits for Out For a Kill there are two listings "Steven Seagal's stunt doubles Dian Hristov and Georgi Karlukovski" and " Steven Seagal's Photo Double Georgi Georgiev". What is a "Photo Double"??
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    Has anyone else seen Freddy Vs. Jason?

    I saw it and i loved it. It wasn't perfect but it was a very enjoyable film. The theater was packed and everyone was having a good time. Lots of gore, some scary moments, Jason had some really cool kills, the fight between freddy and jason was really good. I highly recommend it!!! Can't wait...
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    other actors use stunt doubles

    It doesn't bother me either when Steven Seagal uses Stunt doubles for dangerous stunts, that's normal because you don't want Seagal to get hurt doing something that he's not an expert on. But it does bother me when Steven Seagal uses stunt doubles to do his fight sequences. Steven Seagal is a...
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    good news for suzi....seagals going to turkey

    See if this link works. http://us.imdb.com/Locations?0358294
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    Out For A Kill

    Even though this movie is bad in almost every way, the sad reality is this film contains the best Seagal fight sequences since The Fire Down Below.
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    good news for suzi....seagals going to turkey

    I just checked IMDB and it says it's filming in Hong Kong, China, Istanbul, Turkey, Paris, France, and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. That's if the information is correct.
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    Out For A Kill

    The movie itself was very poorly put together but i did enjoy the fight scenes. It was nice to see Seagal finally doing some fighting and there was lots of fighting. There were two things that bothered me. Why was Seagal talking in a quiet monotone voice through the whole movie? What was up with...
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    Different Small News !!

    One thing i did notice over at IMDB is that "Yakuza" is listed as being distributed by a company called Hannibal Pictures Inc. [ca] so maybe their will be two movies with a Yakuza story line.