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    Different Small News !!

    From the Seagal article "I've also been an avid student of Kurosawa and was lucky enough to be in Japan with him and the stars and director of the original 'Yakuza' in 1974" suggests that "Into The Sun" is the remake of "Yakuza" It's possible everyone is getting the production data from...
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    Different Small News !!

    I noticed Franchise pictures is going to distribute both "Into The Sun" and "Yakuza". Now considering both movies seem to have almost the same storyline Is it possible that "Into The Sun" is just the new name for "Yakuza" and not a different film? Franchise pictures did change "The Rescue" to...
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    Action Kings website gives OFAK 2 stars

    I wouldn't worry about action kings giving it 2 stars because if you look action kings gave every good Seagal film 2 stars(marked for death, out for justice, hard to kill, above the law,exit wounds, etc). Morgan who does the reviewing is not a Steven Seagal fan. I can't wait to get my copy.