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  1. Lotussan

    What Song Reflects Your Current Mode Of Thinking.

    Never Gonna Let You Go ( Sergio Mendes ) I was as wrong as I could be to let you get away from me I'll regret that move for as long as I'm living But now that I've come to see the light All I wanna do is make things right So just say the word and tell me that I'm forgiven You and...
  2. Lotussan

    Steven at Godzilla Final Wars Premiere !!

    No chance...He's mine, mine, mine. All mine...And, delicious...
  3. Lotussan

    Turkish Press against Steven Seagal's film "Out Of Reach" !!

    Do you think kidding about killing him is funny? :rolleyes: I know that you mean we LOVE him... Then, now, and forever...
  4. Lotussan

    Song dedications....

    What is that kind of comment is that and what is it supposed to mean, Heather? Does he need to be rescued from himself, and why? Well, it's not like anyone here knows firsthand... But I'll be his angel, anytime... I'm afraid I'm the one who needs the rescued, though... And I know that if...
  5. Lotussan

    Steven at Godzilla Final Wars Premiere !!

    He is not single, he's mine! Hehehe... Well, I can dream can't I? And what a dream he is, he's magnificent! So these are supposedly from the 29th of Nov? Thanks, Su...
  6. Lotussan

    A Letter To Steven

    I know I am, oh yes baby...You are the greatest and I love, love, love you...
  7. Lotussan

    Turkish Press against Steven Seagal's film "Out Of Reach" !!

    I will sleep in Steven's arms, you can bet on it, hehe...
  8. Lotussan

    "Songs From The Crystal Cave" at Official Site !!

    But will it be available in stores? If not, why not?
  9. Lotussan

    Part 3- New Steven Seagal Photos

    Thanks Serena, my lovely friend...I am glad you had a good time...:)
  10. Lotussan

    If You Could Ask Seagal One Question What Would It Be?

    "Will you marry me, baby?"
  11. Lotussan

    "Steven We Love You"(off-topic)

    Steven, I love and adore you so much, I do nothing but think about you, and wish I was with you...Even if my wishes never come true, and I am never with you, this feeling feels so good my love, I'll never give you up...I don't want anyone else but you my beautiful darling, I will always love you...
  12. Lotussan

    A Letter To Steven

    I would just be happy to hug his gorgeous legs initially, hehe...And if you don't like his belly that's fine by me, because I want all of him, just the way he is...What a man...
  13. Lotussan

    Half Past Dead.

    Love that look, and his character had compassion to go along with the toughness...Nice combo, oh yes I liked it, some of his one liners we're great, charming...I can see why lester wanted to spend some time with him...:)
  14. Lotussan

    If You could do a movie with Steven?

    Yes it does... But today "who" dies sounds better than "you" coming from someone else... Kinda freaky a title with all the scary things happening lately round here... Well, scary to me anyway... The title Heraphant still has me puzzled...:rolleyes: :D So when is this movie scheduled...
  15. Lotussan

    What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    So has anyone heard red rooster, yet?
  16. Lotussan

    Movies Belly Of The Beast

    Team up with me Steven, but not for movies, just for love, my darling...
  17. Lotussan

    Part 3- New Steven Seagal Photos

    Glad you enjoyed...He is colorful in his personality too, huh? Very interesting man, for me he is not strange...Of course I don't know everything, but I know I like him, eh? Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss SS! :D
  18. Lotussan

    If You could do a movie with Steven?

    I'd want to do a James Bond type one, he's the spy, and I'm the one who loves him, hehehe...
  19. Lotussan

    Part 3- New Steven Seagal Photos

    OMG, that one with the tattoo is so HOT...But he doesn't have one does he? Who knows, I will never get close enough to see... Serena, no visit to the parents today? I wish you could have come to my house... You know I bet we could have talked a lot and have a good time... You know...
  20. Lotussan

    Happy Birthday bigdw132002 & AikidoMaster

    suzi, I like your signature... If he actually did say that I mean, it's really funny... Sheesh, what a contradiction... When I do something like that I am called two faced, when he does it's brilliant...