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    To Care For Others With Open Hearts And Loving Hands: We Must Give Of Our Time And Boldly Take A Stand. Look Past The Exterior Obvious, To Look More Closely And Much Deeper; To See What Is Their Need And Become Our Brothers Keeper. We Are All In This World, Together, And Must Learn To Walk In...
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    With Love

    When With Love, Through Our Eyes, We SEE; We Will Live For Eternity. When We Walk In Love And Dismiss Hate; We Build Up Unity And Peace, That Will To Hate, Eradicate. This Is Our Destiny To A Prosperous Life; That Is Full Of Beauty And A Pathway That's Right. ~Written By: Stacey Denise...
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    To Love All Man Kind

    To Love All Man Kind, With Open Hearts And Open Minds; We Must Become Color Blind And Totally Free Of Being Sublimed. GOD ADONAI Is Love! Love Is A Gift From Above. If We Walk In Hate, Destruction Will Be Our Fate. ~Destiny Abagail Judah~ 3/2011
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    Freedom Not In Vain

    Our Freedom was Paid For, With A Cost; Is It Now, In Vain Or All For Naught? If I Speak Words Of Truth, Kindness And Love; How Can It Offend By What You Think Of? If You Search Your Heart, Then You Will Find; The Truth To The Answers That Your Mind Does Decline. When We Learn To Walk In Love...
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    Love At It's Best ~ From The Heart Of Stacey Denise Cox~

    To Care For The Earth And All That Is Within; Is To Love Ourselves, As A Dear Friend. To Neglect And Ignore The Beauty of It's Face, Leaves An Empty Life With No True Love To Embrace. For The Beauty In Life IS PURE LOVE; Our Rarest Treasure - A Gift From Above. So Spring-Time Now, Displays...
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    A Building Block On This Road I Must Take ~From The Heart Of Stacey Denise Cox~

    Dissappointment And Wrong Choices Does Not Equate; To A Life Of Failure, Anger And Hate. It's Only A Building Block On This Road, I Must Take; In A Life Full Of LOVE That I Will NEVER Forsake. To Teach Me What's Right And Make Me Stronger As I Go; Filling My Heart With LOVE And Wisdom That...
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    Living A Life Of Love ~From The Heart Of Stacey Denise Cox~

    A Ray Of Light, In The Night, Does Captivate Me With The Moon Light... And Lifts Me Up Into The Passion Of Life...Living Free, Where It Does Carry Me... No More To Be Bound By The Oppression Of Restrictions And Restraints... Only Free To Pursue My Destiny That I Choose To Let It Make. Honor...
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    Windows To The Soul

    Windows To The Soul Eyes are the Windows to our souls, indeed; What do you see, to your soul, that it feeds? Does your pathway lead to the Beauty in life? Will it follow the Love that Deters All Strife? My prayer for all, is that you find True Peace! May you feel True Love, that forever...
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    My Daddy Passed Away

    My Daddy passed Away this morning. I didn't even get to say goodbye........... Pray for my family. Thanks... Love Stacey :yin:
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    Like A Rose Bud

    When Praying This came to mind....Have you ever been sitting near a flower garden that had a rose bush.... All of a sudden a severe thunderstorm rolls in, raining down hard with powerful strong winds blowing furiously against the rose bush, that contains young rose buds. As hard as the rain is...
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    A Worrier Spirit Seeking-out/Standing-Up For Life And Justice

    I walked & sat along the sea shores at the beach, searching out answers to many of my lifes challenging questions, that I now face. The waves were washing up over the beach, pulling lifeless-dead things back out to sea, replacing it with new life upon the shore. A constant cycle.... It seemed...
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    Dalai Lama Banned From Peace Conference in S.A.

    So Sad to hear that the Dalai Lama was banned from the Peace Conference, in Johannasburg South Africa, this week with China. They are afraid it will cause problems with China, who they do the largest amount of trading with.... What ashamed it is that money is more important than peace and the...
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    Freedom That Requires A Major Change

    What races have to be run and hurdles jumped for the finish line to be reached, In order to escape our abuser and his emprisonment walls to be breached? Will his raging river ever become a quiet stream? From him provoking me to pang filled labor for freedom, What from this lesson, can...
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    A mothers love for her children

    A MOTHERS' LOVE FOR HER CHILDREN No one could understand a Mothers Love for Her Children- The Special Bond that connects them together Deep inside their heart; She feels their pain She feels their hurt and overwhelming dispair, When their abusive father threatens them and doesn't...
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    Prayer In Time of Need

    (Tehillim-Psalms 86: 14 - 17) "GOD, ADONAI, arrogant men are rising against me, a gang of brutes is seking my life, and to YOU they pay no attention. But YOU, ADONAI, are a merciful, compassionate GOD, slow to anger and rich in grace and truth. Turn to me, and show me YOUR favor...
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    If You Have ADHD, Autism or a Learning Challenge, Please Read

    Since I have ADHD and slight Autism, I have developed my Own Style of Learning, out of sheer determination to overcome my challenges so that I Can Learn. Through Close Observation of myself, I have come to understand How I Learn Best. I call my learning style a "Dot-To-Dot Learning Style"...
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    Just a Question For Thought

    I Write What I Believe and live it to the best of my ability. IF others say what I write is beautiful, HOW Can it Be Beautiful IF I Do Not Live & Practice what I believe, to the best of my ability? That does not mean I will not have moments of when I am worn out, becasue everyone can get worn...
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    Question for SuziWong

    Hi Suzi! I just saw on a thread in another forum catagory, where someone had asked you about Where to order some of Mr. Seagals' CD, in an old post. I was just wondering, Would it not be more benificial for Mr. Seagal, if we ordered his CD's Directly from His Official Web Site Store? I mean...
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    Update & Continued Prayers Needed, for my 4 Yr.old son

    Please continue to pray for my son. News from the Pediatric Immunologist, Today, is not so good. My Son still test positive of SLE LUPUS, But aslo the more extensive Blood Test the Immunologist ordered, showed MORE Things wrong with my sons blood work and Immune system.... In addition to...
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    Overcome There is darkness before the daybreak of light. There are storms before the calm. There are wars and battles before there is peace. There are races to run and hurdles to jump before the finish line is reached. There is much work to be done before the highest goals in life are...