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Fire Down Below : Review From Reel Film


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What exactly has happened to Steven Seagal? In the 80's, he kicked ass with the best of them, not bothering to worry about the consequences. Now, in the 90's, we have a "kinder, gentler" Steven Seagal, who cares about the planet and her wonderful resources. To me, this is just sad.

It started with On Deadly Ground, the film that had Seagal fighting Michael Caine over the natural resources in the Alaskan wilderness. Then came last year's The Glimmer Man, in which our man Steve played a sensitive cop who preferred ginsing to coffee. And now we have Fire Down Below.

In this film, Seagal plays an FDA agent out to stop Kris Kristofferson from dumping toxins into the mountains of Kentucky. In his noble quest, he meets several of the quirky townspeople (it's a movie set in the south, it has to have quirky townspeople). A virtually unrecognizable Harry Dean Stanton, the excellent American actor who starred in Paris, Texas, has been reduced to playing Karl Childers without the homicidal tendancies. Marg Helgenberger plays Seagal's love interest who may or may not have killed her father when she was 16 (if you can't figure out whether or not she really did kill her father before the answer comes, maybe you should just give it up).

Aside from a few standard action scenes, Fire Down Below is one to save for the video store.

** out of ****

By David Nusair

Source : Reel Film.