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Great Blues Mr. Seagal

Hi Folks. Just joined, and wanted to say I really enjoy the great Blues that Mr. Seagal plays. Hope to see him perform, and maybe jam someday. I have been playing guitar for 40 years, the last 20 with internationally kn own Blues artists Sweet Daddy Cool Breeze. We can be found at songplanet.com or www.eastonbrothers.com. Keep the Blues ALIVE!


New Member
Greetings to Porkadon!

Its great here in Seagalogy land, lots of good people on the forum!

Welcome to our universe!

Hare Krishna!

Hi Porkadon, welcome to the forum, which is a great one by the way, I am relatively new myself, but I have met some great folk on this site, I am so pleased you like Steven's music, do you like 'Songs from the Crystal Cave'? I think it is absolutely great & I hope he makes more cd's like it, I'll have to pay a visit to your web site & see what Easton Brothers is all about!