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Gutshot Straight (2013)


Disgruntled fan!
I like it. I love those sort of old school synth scores. They've obviously been inspired by Drive. Could be an interesting change of pace for Seagal.


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Exactly, although I'm a Little bit excited to see what kind of part he has. I think he's a sort of bookie/mobster kind of guy in Gutshot Straight.


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It actualy looks good, as long as people dont expect a big part from Seagal, then I think people will like the film. I think Seagal's screentime in Gutshot Straight is something along the line of the screentime Norris had in EX2.


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Agree, he is in it more, but I think it is the same scene everytime. I think Steven is in it for one scene...
By the way Tia Carrere....;)


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Can someone upload the trailer to youtube please? Thanks..

I think Steven is in it for more than one scene, but he has a small cameo like role..