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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by suziwong, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. suziwong

    suziwong Administrator Staff Member

    Hello to my dear friends and dear Craig
    I hope you remember me cause it has been very long time
    I missed all of you and I missed Mr.Seagal too..
    so I will try to come here more often just like the good old days and I hope you accept me
    Have a nice day and with all my love
    Yours Faithfully
    iffet aka suziwong :peace:
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  2. Kotegashi

    Kotegashi Master Of Disaster Staff Member

    Hey Suzi,

    Long time no hear from you, welcome back and hope to read a lot of new posts from you.

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  3. suziwong

    suziwong Administrator Staff Member

    Thank you soo much I missed you
  4. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome back Suzi, it has been a while. :)
  5. J.Lucas

    J.Lucas Active Member

    Wow...I was just thinking about you yesterday....I was doing the magazine search and some of the links go to your Seagal site
    I thought maybe you died or something...
    Glad to see you back....so what the heck have you been doing all this time?
    John Lucas
  6. DiDa

    DiDa Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Welcome back Suzi!! Great to have you back!

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