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    Reviews: Mercenary For Justice

    Thanks for the info!
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    Site Upgraded - 27th March 2021

    Thanks for your effort!
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    The Patriot (now on Blu-ray!)

    No English subs?
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    Operation Seawolf - Dolph Lundgren

    Yes, I liked Don't Kill It!
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    Operation Seawolf - Dolph Lundgren

    Don't forget Showdown in Little Tokyo!
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    Pistol Whipped - Reviews

    There are a lot of doubles in Pistol Whipped. Not for the fightscenes, but just for other stuff. Check out the shootout and carchase scene. In Renegade Justice it was (almost) all Seagal.
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    Operation Seawolf - Dolph Lundgren

    Filmin has begun
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    Favorite Seagal movies - Direct-to-Video films (2010s)

    I will have to watch them again. Right now I am watching some of his older dtv's and it's strange how my opinion regarding some of his movies has changed.
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    Pistol Whipped - Reviews

    SO, I re-watched Pistol Whipped, and although it is one of his better dvt movies I liked Renegade Justice better. It's good to see a motivated Seagal who's really trying something different with this character. We have never seen him playing a vulnarable man. And although the action is great...
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    Stories about Seagal (from director's , co-stars....)

    Now we also know why Renegade Justice is so good. It's the only movie where he had to be on set for 8 hours everyday (yes he skipped 2 days according to Fauntleroy). Normally he only shows for 3 hours (it's in his contract).
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    Stories about Seagal (from director's , co-stars....)

    Very interesting NEW interview with Don E. Fauntleroy. He talks about ten minutes about working with Seagal. Interesting stuff!! I never knew that Don E Fauntleroy directed a lot of Seagal's scenes in Submerged!!! Seagal fired Anthony Hickox and the cameraman. He didn't want to work with them...
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    Podcast with Urban Justice direct Don E. FauntLeRoy

    Is this podcast around somewhere?
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    Interview with director Michael Oblowitz!

    We treat eachother respectfull on this forum. Calling me insane? No manners, I guess. If you disagree with things you can discuss that. That's where forums are for. Not for calling people insane. Last warning or you will be banned.
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    Stories about Seagal (from director's , co-stars....)

    From an interview with Don E. Fauntleroy (Today You Die, Mercenary For Justice, Urban Justice) T: In a two year period you collaborated with Steven Seagal on three films. Can you tell us about your working relationship with Seagal? D: We had a really good working relationship; he and I just...
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    Urban Justice (Renegade Justice) Reviews

    Coming of the Michael Keusch trilogy, Renegade Justice is a real change. In fact: I love this movie. It felt like a comeback to me. This is the Seagal I'd like to see. This is the closest he comes to his old movies. You see what he can achieve if he puts in some effort. Seagal got along fine...
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    Operation Seawolf - Dolph Lundgren

    Oh and The Mechanik was also a very good dtv action movie in my opinion! Really like that one. Dolph also directed it.
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    The Keeper - Reviews

    The Keeper is indeed in the top 5 of his best dtv's. It feels like a real movie, with no editing tricks and other things to hide 'stuff'. It only could have used a little bit more action.
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    Attrition - reviews

    Yes, it's very sad that finally we get a good Seagal movie and it did not get a decent release. I tried to ask Phillippe Martinez about it. We had great contact during the producion and promotion of Attrition. I even spoke with him on the phone twice. Now he isn't replying anymore. Our website...
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    Favorite Seagal movies - theatrical films

    For me his best movie is Out For Justice, then Under Siege.
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    Review: Fire Down Below

    Thanks! That opening action scene must be about his collegue that died during the investigation Taggert is doing.