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  1. KROM

    Never seen before trailers from demo tape screeners! - UPDATE 3 !!!

    Hey guys, i'm back (i wasnt able to acces this account for over an year due to my email issues to reconfirm it). Im here since early 2000, one of the first memembers, Now, alonsgide the fact im a huge movie collector, alongside Blur-Ray and 4K discs i collect vhs screener, so i create a youtube...
  2. KROM

    On Deadly Ground Rare Poster!

    Never seen it before
  3. KROM

    Huge Environmental positive debate on Seagal

    Someone post Steven's ODG speech on youtube, and read all those positive 1200+ comments: !
  4. KROM

    Submerged ost

    Anybody can help me with the Submerged ost, or the german trailer music?
  5. KROM

    I Met Steven Today!!!!!!!

    HA! I was at Bucharest Grand Plaza today to seen the 4th time I am Legend! ****, i was all the day there and before to leave it i've been in the same cafe with THE MAN!!!! We left together, but he was on hurry! I tell him: "Hello Steven, can't wait for The Marker" He replied "Thank you, thank...
  6. KROM

    Mountain Dew AD - Very funny video

    Check it out:
  7. KROM

    Steven Seagal Is In Romania

    Hey Guys, Steven is back in Romania, since April 9th he came here to celebrate his own birthday on his favorite restaurant together with some friend included his new girlfriend, a tall girl 27 years old VIP here ROXANA CIUHULESCU/ check out her photos...
  8. KROM

    Reviews: Mercenary For Justice

    Hello guys, I'm Adrian from Romania, president of European Schwarzenegger Fan Club ( Last time when i made a post here was the first review for Submerged last year when it was in tvprimiere on the romanian tv station - PROTV. Now, they did it again...