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    Hey there, Just like to say hi. Hope you had a good christmas and would like to wish you a happy...

    Hey there, Just like to say hi. Hope you had a good christmas and would like to wish you a happy new year. We`ve all got some great Seagal goodies to look forward to in 2009, should be fun! Dragonking.
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    All aikido is connected, it just depends what you want from it. There is aikido aimed at spiritual development( ki aikido) aikido aimed at martial art defence( nishio aikido), sport (tomiki aikido) or a mix of them all (aikikai). The Founder, Morihei Ueshiba spoke of Takemusu Aiki as being the...
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    Great to see someone who loves steven seagal, switzerland AND columbo! Nice one. Dragonking. "What am I, a s$£t magnet?!"
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    Pistol Whipped - Reviews

    If you liked the way he kicked ass in Pistol Whipped, you`re gonna love Urban Justice! Dragonking. " I don`t think you have the balls!"
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    Out for Justice ending song (Don't Stand in My Way)

    Hey, snaps, I have the soundtrack on cd and that track is on there. I`ll speak with my brother about seeing if i can get it onto my pc and send it to you. I`m not great with computers but he can sort it out i`m sure. I also have the Marked for Death soundtrack if you`re interested? I`m very busy...
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    My Name Is Bruce Thread

    Thanks to you i was able to see it before it was removed. Bruce Campbell is a legend. It`s that simple, and i`m really looking forward to seeing this picture. Bubba Ho Tep is one of my all time faves, and there is talk of Bruce playing my favourite comic book character Lobster Johnson. I so hope...
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    Did the unthinkable (my Aikido journey)

    Hey there, TD, In my opinion, you were not at fault. When we practice Aikido, we hold each others life in our hands. There is a great responsibility, therefore, to take great care when executing techniques. O`sensei said that "Aikido is love". Where was the love in how this other student treated...
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    Did the unthinkable (my Aikido journey)

    Great pics TD, Looking good to me mate. It`s always a pleasure to see a fellow aikidoka practicing the Way. You`ve come a long way since you began your practice, from what i can gather, through many obstacles and setbacks. Many of us who walk the path of Aikido have similar tests handed to us...
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    Urban Justice (Renegade Justice) Reviews

    It`s so late and i`m so tired, but i had a good reason for staying up late. Urban Justice. Without doubt, the best Steven Seagal film in years. My only criticism, and it`s only a small one, is the amount of bad language in it. It really isn`t needed, and it doesn`t add to the drama of the film...
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    Hello there, My brother`s girlfriend is finish. Welcome to the site, and please feel free to ask anything Seagal or anything else which is on your mind! Jumalan siunausta, Dragonking. "God made men......."
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    Rambo4 Teaser:what Do You Think About It?

    Oh man, I was looking forward to this film anyway, but after seeing this trailer (about 10 times!) I`m counting the days down. I never imagined that it would be so shockingly violent or realistic. Don`t understand why it`s gonna take so long to come out, but I`m sure it`ll be sooo worth it. All...
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    Mans Best Friend

    This story refers to when Seagal was living in Japan. He was befriended by a stray dog, which he began to care for. One night, the dog awoke him and alerted him to a fire which had broke out in his dojo. Once Seagal sensei had noticed and the fire had been put out, he said that he never saw the...
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    Steven Seagal On ITV (UK) WED 21/03/2007

    Orange playlist interview Did anybody else see the Orange playlist programme with Steven this week? It was one of the best interviews i`ve ever seen with him. Although it was mainly about music and his tastes in music, it also offered a great insight into his views on martial arts, other action...
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    Steven interviewed on Richard & Judy last night (UK) - anyone catch it?

    I was lucky enough to watch and tape the interview, guys. You know, for me, as far as media attention goes, i think that SS has been out of the limelight for many years. Now with his music tour, he`s very much back in the public eye, which is both a good and bad thing. With only about 9 minutes...
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    Review : Flight Of Fury

    Le-Martin, i took a look at those opening credits you worked hard on, and i agree....Flight Of Fury could have really benefitted from those kind of credits, i really am impressed with how they look. The only problem is, those credits would probably cost half FOF`s budjet!! The plane angle would...
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    Review : Flight Of Fury

    Well, Gui, i`m sorry mate, but the official release date for the UK is in April, i think, but the Region 1 US version is available from the end of this month. Blockbusters will have it, but not until April. A very good friend of mine sorted me out a copy, i don`t know where from, i didn`t ask as...
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    Review : Flight Of Fury

    Well, what can i say? What a cracking Seagal day i`ve had. First, The Friday Night Project, which was very cool, and then settling down for a late night of watching Flight of Fury. I don`t really know where to start! Well, I can start by saying that this is a massive improvement on Attack Force...
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    I had been looking forward to this for weeks, and i was not dissapointed. Steven Seagal was absolutely brilliant, and recieved quite a welcome from the crowd. I watch this show anyway, but i loved seeing The Great One on it. Considering this is a comedy show, I thought that Steven was treated...
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    Who Do You Think Are The Best Martial Artists Today?

    The best martial artists in the world are probably the ones least known by the general public. These masters will generally not want to be known, but will only care about constant training and honing of their technique. They will also be the keepers of the secrets of true Budo. However, it is my...
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    Attack Force...

    25?.......I wanna be number 1! Full of quotes(full of something!) Dragonking.