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  1. Ryback666

    Pictures on Seagal & t-box official myspace

    Hey there...yesterday I was surfing through myspace and found their official page...what was surprising, was infact, that they used one of my photos on the frontpage of their site...I think it's pretty cool...never knew how it got there, but i'm guessing that they've got the photo through your...
  2. Ryback666

    Seagal live videoclip from show in Denmark

    Yes...this clip lasts 3:33 minutes....and is from his concert at sonderborghus(sonderborg) Denmark I wasn't thinkin about filming some of the show, untill the last songs... and it's filmed from a distance, so it's a little blurry...but still watchable... If you have set your system to...
  3. Ryback666

    Seagal Concert photos Randershallen

    *Photos has been removed, by the poster* I have decided to remove the photos... and only to show them for a limited time...!
  4. Ryback666

    Seagal interviews for Danish tv??

    Hi.....during the past week, I noticed, that several interviews were made, for Danish television... I was wondering, if someone has recorded/taped these recent interviews for Danish tv..and if so...could you upload them in this thread, so we can be able to watch them?? Cheers Ryback.
  5. Ryback666

    What did steven sign for you?

    To all of you who has met Steven...i wanted to see the goods, so others and myself, can "hate" you, for the rest of our lives ;) I got this to show...Here are some pictures, of the stuff he signed for me. You should've seen the look on his face when he saw that clock... Steven picked up...
  6. Ryback666

    I met steven

    hey there... I finally got to meet the legend in person. He was nothing like what i've been reading on the internet about him... He was a really nice, down to earth kind of guy...still private..and tired Even his security/bodyguards was sayng nice things about him (they were also...