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    Into The Sun Reviews

    Hey man I saw you there!
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    Into The Sun Reviews

    Hey mink, have you finished/even started filming Mortal Kombat: Devastation yet? Looking forward to it... Also, I'm just kind of curious, were you allowed a lot of creative freedom on the set? Did the producers, or Steven, want you to do different things you didn't exactly agree with? Into...
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    My DTV guide.

    What a fantastic piece!!! I loved it! We all knew how the quality of Steven's DTV's are nothing compared to his glory days, thanks for filling everyone on in as to WHY this is so.
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    Music Steven Seagal & Thunderbox-Blues Band Events and Concerts-2007

    Yes, it really is unfair seeing as how big a fanbase he has over there! But I think it might have something to do with the theaters and how much it costs to maintain them or how much he charges to play there...
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    Music Steven Seagal & Thunderbox-Blues Band Events and Concerts-2007

    Well should everything go right, I'll make the long journey to see Steven's show at the House of Blues Clev!!! (Where tickets are US$20.50-sorry Euro fans)
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    Promotion of his DTV'S.

    I saw it on Comedy Central last night. Also caught the "Seagal is Mercenary for Justice" but any publicity's good publicity.
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    tv show budgets

    I'm thinking somewhere between USD 1-2 million per episode for shows like that, if that helps.
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    Reviews: Mercenary For Justice

    Man, I hope this is for real. It got my hopes up, hopefully it'll deliver...
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    Seagal Sunday On Spike TV

    In between those two, they will also be showing Out for Justice (source:
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    Other Steven's Current Location - 2010

    I'm 'disabled' (what gives?) from starting a new thread, so I'll post it here. Steven is today (February 3rd) featured on!!!! On the buzz section of the site (looks at what people are searching for), the featured category was '80s action star', and on the number one spot was our boy...
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    Ghengis Khan

    There's only 1 solution now....a biopic on the life of Confucius! In terms of stature like the last post, Steven is more in line with Confucius then Ghengis. At any rate, just thought we could throw that 1 out in the open lol...
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    Seagal & Seagal-related stuff at Wikipedia

    Why thank you. I like it a lot too. I also liked my signature from Today You Die came out but it got removed ("masked swearing" geez...) lol sorry...
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    Seagal & Seagal-related stuff at Wikipedia

    "with time".....not as much as you think. I just happen to be up at 2 in the morning on late Saturdays a lot lol....
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    Seagal & Seagal-related stuff at Wikipedia

    Cool. I made the fancy info box on the Under Siege page, and created pages for Submerged, The Foreigner, and Shadows of the Past. Now I'm working on Today You Die.
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    Seagal & Seagal-related stuff at Wikipedia

    Hey everyone. Know I haven't been around for a while, but o well.... Anyhow, I'd like to use this to ask Suzie and other 'higher-ups' here if you will, if I can (lovingly) 'borrow' some photos.... You see, I occasionally write on Wikipedia, that free online encyclopedia that is one of the...
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    Can You Play an Instrument???

    How many of you on here can play an instrument?? It's always kinda fun to see what different people play. As for me, I can play one of the funnier instruments, the tuba (aka sousaphone)!
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    Songs From The Crystal Cave Reviews.

    I do not have the CD, but have heard bits and pieces of it (the only one I've heard entirely is Don't You Cry) From what little I've heard though, it's really good!
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    Aborting black babies would reduce crime rate!

    That is so freakin' stupid. Sorta makes me sick a human would say something like that.
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    Movies Black Dawn Trailer Online!!

    This does not excite me too much, I'm sorry to say. I will probably rent it anyway when it comes out, but won't expect anything out of it.