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  1. masterd48

    How was Seagal was duped on Turkey refugee project

    Ugly story of a true con man
  2. masterd48

    The song 'When you close your eyes'

    Not sure where/when this is from--not heard it before and not on his albums or in his movies..
  3. masterd48

    Seagal 'bullies' Flight of Fury actress into doing nude scene

    Taken from: Actress Ciera Payton recounted to the Washington Post how she faced an incredulous Steven Seagal when she raised concerns about doing a...
  4. masterd48

    Steven Seagal Comic/Graphic Novel

    Hi Seagal fans. This may come across as an audacious project, but I don't care. I'm a comic book/graphic design artist and I've decided to pen a comic based on Steven himself. The main character basically IS Seagal, looking like him and in essence the man himself. I have attached the cover...
  5. masterd48

    New book on Seagal

    Hi are you all in interested in a new humour type of book on Seagal basically weaving together a story based on his Lawman episodes, coming up with new fictitious ones using the same characters? It will tongue in cheek but never offensive to him or his movies..does this idea interest anybody?
  6. masterd48

    New Book on Mickey Rourke

    Hi I've written a book on Mickey Rourke and thought I'd let you guys know about, if anyone is interested. Stand Alone: The Films of Mickey Rourke is the book that Rourke fans have been waiting for. Combining reviews and analytical discussion of all his films (including rare short movies and...
  7. masterd48

    PETITION: Fans that would like to help produce a Seagal movie

    This is just an idea, and i'm very serious as are some fans on IMDB. I would like some of you in the know with Joe Halpin to seriously run this by him to see if it could ever be a goes Say if most of fans on imdb, the unofficial site and in general contributed a smallish sum...
  8. masterd48

    Shepherds Bush Empire-My thoughts

    First of all this was a wonderful concert, great atmosphere and playing. Steven was REALLY into it, laughing, smiling and dancing a LOT. The audience were a bunch of typical lager louts, most of them not appreciating the wonderful supporting act. However there were the usual chants of STEVEN...
  9. masterd48

    Shepherds Bush concert filmed for DVD!

    Good news, the Shepherds bush concert is going to be filmed for an upcoming DVD release! IN addition there will be some special celebrity guests, so everyone whose going, make some NOISE!
  10. masterd48

    Am Selling A Seagal London Ticket

    Hye my gf had to drop out due to an exam conflict, i am selling ONE ticket for Shepherds Bush Empire London on March 18th for face value of £30. This is standing so you will be amongst the crowd [the whole gig is standing]. Either pm me here or email me at This is the...
  11. masterd48

    Can Anyone PLease Buy Some Lightning Bolt for me in UK?

    Hye I would greatful if someone could get a few cans [just 2 for now] of Cherry Charge or Orange flavour [not asian experience ive heard its gross] and be willing to send them to me in the UK? I will be happy to pay for postage. Please PM me if you can do this.
  12. masterd48

    I have some rare Steven Songs

    Hye I picked up a copy of Mojo Priest from Japan while i was there for an aikido seminar last week; the important thing is that it comes with a bonus cd that has the following tracks: 1. Somewhere In between 2. BulletProof [from The Glimmer Man] 3. No Justice [W/Jimmy Cliff from Marked for...
  13. masterd48

    Do you get to see him after the shows?

    what do they do, set up a stall like in the US dates? do you get something signed say a little and move on? if so thats enough
  14. masterd48

    Can i get Stevens energy drink in uk?

    amazon arent selling it and i cant find it anywhere else-can ne1 help
  15. masterd48

    Quotes From Premier Magazine 1992

    [on the West’s ignorance of the martial arts] “Yes I think the west is very ignorant about the martial arts but as is usually the case, ignorance comes about from lack of knowledge. Its that failure of knowing about the unknown that leads people to just assume and presume. Before Bruce Lee came...
  16. masterd48

    Any New London Dates?

    I was extremely dissapointed to see the camden underworld concert cancelled, wil there be any more Seagal gigs in Central London..i find it hard to beleive his management would ignore central london and pick somewhere completely conspicuous like Croydon...please Seagal! Come to Central London!