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  1. Tommy Boy

    Dynamic Team

    Hi. I was just browsing in the net and came across with this It's obviously a homage site for an non-existing 70's TV-show. Quite fun and if I'm not sorely mistaken there are some hidden references to some of today's martial artists/actors.:) catch you later! T
  2. Tommy Boy

    Seagal In SNL

    Yesterday I catched Saturday Night Live on a Finnish cable TV -channel and to my pleasant surprise, it was the one with Seagal from 1991. I was thinking, cause this obviously was his first appearance in the show, in how many episode's has he been a quest host? At least two I think. I wasn't...
  3. Tommy Boy

    Seagal Fan club

    Did any of you guys sign up for this fan club in the early nineties? This ad was in the august issue of "Black Belt" back in 1991.
  4. Tommy Boy

    Just Dropped In To Say Hi

    I've been a quest on this site for quite some time and now encouraged my self to actually sign up. It's definitely nice to finally "meet" all you guys, hope you're doing OK. I'm not that good with words, but am looking forward to share my opinions in many discussions to come. I'll be seeing...