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  1. Gui

    My brother AKA Scalpa

    Thank Yoy KimonoSoul You're very kind...thanks... I am very happy for him and he's so talented... He's just released a 15 tracks sample album being sold in few shops but his album should come out in the end of this year... Let's hope he can make it ! Have a great day, Much...
  2. Gui

    My brother AKA Scalpa

    Hiya guys and girls, I'm very happy because my little bro in France is starting to make a name for himself in the rap scene. He's been into rap for the last 15 years, own one of the best rap shops in France, got his own design clothing brand and is on the verge to release his first album...
  3. Gui

    Stop Canada's Cruel Seal Hunt Part 1

    GlimmerMan This forum won't be the same without you buddy... You're a funny guy...:D Keep the fight to save the seals though....and hope you enjoyed Back To The Future ! Much energy, :apeace:
  4. Gui

    Stop Canada's Cruel Seal Hunt Part 1

    Thank You Christina... Much respect , love & energy to you... :apeace: Gui
  5. Gui

    Stop Canada's Cruel Seal Hunt Part 1

    Stop Canada's Cruel Seal Hunt Part 2 I think i might give that an miss thanks i dont take any joy in watching any animal tortured / bleed to death ...i hear that in the antartic alot of polar bears are drowning because of the ice melting and are there any big knob leaders in this world doing...
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    New Video Clip

    Suzi Merci beaucoup - Thank you very much... Much energy, :apeace:
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    Stop Canada's Cruel Seal Hunt Part 1

    Well done Kaida75 Awesome...Thanks for supporting this campaign... I am sure Steven Seagal would help as well :yin: Much energy to you, :apeace:
  8. Gui

    Stop Canada's Cruel Seal Hunt Part 1

    Check this... Register for free and send your emails to the canadian government... Together we can make a difference... Much energy to you all, :apeace:
  9. Gui

    Stop Canada's Cruel Seal Hunt Part 1

    Hi GlimmerMan Yep man, this is truly awful stuff... Together we can win and make a difference... Take care buddy, :apeace: Gui
  10. Gui

    Steven Seagal Parody :-)

    Yep, I agree Glimmerman...
  11. Gui

    Agloco - Own the internet

    It's finally here... Yep Guys and Girls... The Agloco toolbar has just been released !:D Awesome ! I personally love it... Check it out and download it for free here 'Keep reaching for the stars!' Much energy to you all ! :apeace: Gui
  12. Gui

    Stop Canada's Cruel Seal Hunt Part 1

    Stop Canada's Cruel Seal Hunt Part 2 Dear all, An update and more links... PROTEST Protest against Canada seal slaughter Few have failed to see, and be disgusted by, the brutal images of seals being killed on the Canadian ice floes. Hundreds of thousands of these beautiful animals...
  13. Gui

    Stop Canada's Cruel Seal Hunt Part 1

    Dear Friends, Here's something which is very close to my heart...very close indeed...and we should all do something to stop these massacres... The 2006 Canadian seal hunt left more than 350,000 seals dead -- almost all of them were babies as young as 12 days. This year, before the seal...
  14. Gui

    Xoxide has lightning Bolt in stock!

    I'm into my energy drinks :D Does Lightning Bolt give you a boost or not? Much, :apeace:
  15. Gui

    Find Out What Happened on Your Birthday!

    Nice one, thanks...
  16. Gui

    Jarre Powerstock project in Italy

    This would be great my friend !:) Remember the Aero concert?! Awesome stuff ! Much energy, :apeace:
  17. Gui

    Whats up with

    I have some good threads which I started ( RE: The Weymouth gig in the music section etc...) who have been deleted for no reason... I am disappointed about that, so I don't think I'll bother to post on as it happened twice now. Big shame, Never mind hey ?!:D We got...
  18. Gui


    Welcome onboard buddy from a Frenchman living in England ! This is the best Steven Seagal Forum in Cyberspace so you'll have a great time. Take care, Much energy, :apeace:
  19. Gui

    Jean-Michel Jarre NEWS

    'jean Michel Jarre: Téo & Téa' - Uk Single Release 'JEAN MICHEL JARRE: TÉO & TÉA' - UK SINGLE RELEASE From Jarre UK - APRIL 16TH: Atlantic Records UK have confirmed to JARRE UK today, that they have released Jean Michel Jarre's premier Single from his NEW 'TÉO & TÉA' Album, entitled...
  20. Gui

    Sensei's crystal cave

    You should listen the Mojo Priest album my friend, This is awesome stuff... Let's hope Steven release a new album soon... Somehow, I think it will not be in 2007, maybe 2008 ? Much energy, :apeace: