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  1. slawek_wozniak

    WALKINGFIRE - my first action movie

    Here is my first action movie I made and act. Sorry but it's in polish (soon will be titles english). Please fell free to comment about a movie that was made by one person in 4 years and coast less then 300$. the movie site:
  2. slawek_wozniak

    First shot from my second movie DIVA

    my forst movie WALKINGFIRE will be released on DVD in March 2012 greets to all Seagal fans
  3. slawek_wozniak

    WALKING FIRE by first movie

    Hello everyone Just to inform you that I have just begin filming my first movie as an actror and director. please visit for new details
  4. slawek_wozniak

    Seagal love steaks...too much

    I have just read in local newspaper about Seagal. He said that he loves to eat steaks, even three times a day. So he have to workout hard every time before he makes a movie. He even lost 20 kg (44 lb) once to make a new movie. True or false, don't know....just let you know.
  5. slawek_wozniak

    Steven is in great shape...take a look

    Have you seen his lates cameo in Onion Movie ? This was the big studio production with the professionals in the movie making. Steven is making every scene in this fight, no doubles, no dubbing. The camera is always showing his face and the whole fight without any stupid fast flashes. This is...
  6. slawek_wozniak

    Hollywood's Scandal with Anthony Pellican, Steven Seagal and Cheryl Shuman

    It's an old case but I found this last night
  7. slawek_wozniak

    Seagal had enough of kicking cinema

    On Polish movie site Steven says that he is disapointed that the producers see in him only fighting star not a movie star. He's saying about plans of filming Gengis Khan and that he wanted to play Will Adams – XV- century british lord who where send to search gold. I'm agree the producers...
  8. slawek_wozniak

    Stockfootage - not only in Seagal movies

    I have just watched SCORCHER with Mark Dacascos. Then I remembered every screaming and talking bad about Today You Die and all this stuff that they used some stockfootage. So please stop and watch SCORCHER for example. They used there many stocksfootage from Dante's Peak, Daylight and The...
  9. slawek_wozniak

    Steven on TV5MONDE.EUROPE

    I catch Steven on Saturday night. He was in very popular program on canal TV5MONDE. He looks great but sometimes very strange. I think it's becouse he was the only one speaks english and everyone else was speaking french :)
  10. slawek_wozniak

    Unofficial Belly of the Beast site

    I have finally made the site for Seagal's movie "Belly of the Beast" this is only the beginning. I will make more if people will accept what I have done already. I am waiting for replay. I'm sorry if my english isn't good. I came from poland and i can make some mistakes in the text on the site...