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    steven seagal singing on tonight show
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    deflections and striking in aikido

    i was just wondering what sort of deflecting and striking aikido has in it. i see seagal using a lot of open hand blocking and a lot of palm striking in his latest film born to raise helland was wondering if this is aikido style blocking and striking or one of his other martial arts?
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    seagal's fighting style in a dangerous man

    after watching a dangerous man i am very pleased with the action the fight scenes were excelent there was clearly a lot of joint locks and throws from aikido but i am confused as to the strikes seagal was using and the blocks which looked almost like wing chun. what does everyone else think i...
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    steven seagal 5 part biography

    here is a 5 part biography of steven's life
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    steven seagal on larry king show
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    Steven seagal's blocking skills

    have you noticed steven has the ability to block many strikes very quickly and effortlessly.are these blocking skills the result of his aikido training? karate training or something else? see from 4 mins onwards
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    fillipino boxing(pankutan) chen style tai chi

    Does anyone know anything about these two styles of martial arts because apparently seagal has studied them both.
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    has steven studied chinese martial arts

    I was just wondering if steven seagal has ever studied any chinese systems for example tai chi or kung fu. If you look at films like out for a kill or belly of the beast his fight scenes seem to incorporate chinese martial arts and he uses a lot of open hand blocking and striking
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    audio interview on you tube

    hi folks just to let you all know there is a 3 part audio interview on youtube with steven talking about his music and his background and where he grew up it's been added today,check it out. Here is the link
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    Steven seagal on Arsenio hall show

    hey has anyone seen the youtube clips of steven on the arsenio hall show? watched it the other day and it was so funny,steven's always had a good sense of humour.
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    has steven segal studied wing chun

    Hi does anyone know if seagal has studied wing chun a lot of websites say that he has and that it is evident in lot of his films.
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    Shorinji kempo

    Hi folks,hope you are all well. One of my friends has started taking shorinji kempo,i looked at some videos on youtube and noticed a lot of the throws look exactly like aikido.Some people say it is a mix of karate,aikido and judo buy my friend says the art came from chinese kenpo. Does anyone...
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    Dian Hristov

    Hi people,hope your all well. Just wondered if anyone knew anything about steven's stunt double Dian Hristov. Does anyone know what martial arts he's studied,what other films has he been in etc. Thanks