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  1. maurizio

    real fight today

    Two guys assaulted me today to steal my pocket, it was a bad situation but unfortunately for them I almost broke one guy's arm and the other I projected him on the ground, he didn't know how to fall and got injured on the shoulder. The only fear I had was If one of them carried a knife, in that...
  2. maurizio


    hello every body I'm maurizio from italy, i was really impressed many years ago in what steven seagal did in his movies but since i practice martial arts i have many doubts that he could really fight in a real fight. I have seen on you tube his aikido lessons and i have noticed that his...
  3. maurizio

    hi from italy

    hello everybody my nam's maurizio and i'm from italy. I'd like to introduce myself because i'm new here. i'm 32 year old man i live in a small town in north italy and i always liked the movies of steven seagal, my fav movies are above the law and under siege, i'm a martial arts student i do...