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    from my own spiritual path and from my research in other religions and the holographic universe theory of reality, I have come to the conclusion that the mind/soul/aura are all the same thing.
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    Somebody had to do it

    I found some people talking about Steven's commercial on another message board. I just had to say something! :)
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    Movie "The Challenge" choreographed by Steven.

    try to probably find the Challenge at a lower price.
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    Another link for Steven's Mountain Dew commercial.

    LOL! yeah, that's the wierdest face I've ever seen him make! Seagal's the man!
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    does anyone here meditate?
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    Rare Morhei Ueshiba Pic Here!!

    great pic. it's good to see an O'Sensei picture in color.
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    Does anyone here know anything about meditation? I've tried it a few times in the past. I just need to arrange my personal schedule so I am able to do it on a regular basis so I can get the full mental, physical, and spiritual benifits from it. I'm looking at is kundalini meditation. The...
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    Is seagal a true buddhist?

    from what I heard a while back, he was a vegetarian. but, I do know that some people who call themselves vegetarians eat meat but very little. I know that with him being Buddhist he's very familiar with the foods of India. Anyone who knows about Indian food knows that there are a lot of...
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    April 10, 2004- Happy Birthday Mr. Steven Seagal !!

    Happy Birthday Mr. Seagal!!! It's April 10, and you know what that means! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO STEVEN SEAGAL! I know it's been a long time since I've posted here, but I couldn't have picked a better time to return to the boards!
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    Seagals fisherman?

    gone fishing! :)
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    pretty defamatory article

    just more ignorant writers trying to make some money. seagal will have more money than they will see in their entire lives.
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    Movies Belly of the Beast filming begins

    whoa! Seagal's going to fight against a crime syndicate...and someone who's got demonic powers?? this is very different!
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    Does anyone here have AOL instant messenger?? this is about steve's birthday present!

    remember that surprise I said I made for Steve and everyone on the website? well, it's a video. and it's 14 megabytes. I need to find some way to get it off of my computer and onto the internet. i won't be able to do it today. i have to sleep soon because i have to go to my job at night. I...
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    His Birthday!!!!

    nope, the boards aren't running. i'm glad we have these boards!
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    His Birthday!!!!

    sure i can. i'll just e-mail it to the webmaster.
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    Van Damme to make Street Fighter 2?!?!

    ?? he imitated Seagal? what did he do? the Will Sasso style eye narrowing and low tone voice? lol
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    His Birthday!!!!

    hey guys! i got a surprise for everyone here and Seagal-san. I can't show it to you until tomorrow, which is Seagal day. it's to Take Sensei from everyone on this website! I'll even send it to the official website so I can make sure that Big Steve sees it! it took me all morning to make, so...
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    Entertainment Tonight might not mention Steven's Birthday!

    send those requests to! spread the word! :D
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    Entertainment Tonight might not mention Steven's Birthday!

    last year Entertainment Tonight didn't mention it was Steven's Birthday on April 10th along with the other stars they called out. I watched it to see Steven's name called out and a picture of him...but it never happened. I e-mailed them just now to remind them to mention it this year. He...
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    Van Damme to make Street Fighter 2?!?!

    Van Damme needs to learn another martial art besides karate and just stop trying to be something that he's not...