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    Looking for...

    I know this may be off topic for this thread. But I'm looking for someone who can tell me how I can get in touch with Rev.Dean and Mr. Opinion???? If somebody know where to get in touch with them I would be very happy! Chelle
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    Your fav tracks..

    Fav 5 tracks. Wow. Hard question, since I love so many tracks... 1> Delta Goodrem: Innocent Eyes. 2> Christina Aguilera: Keep On Singing My Song. 3> White Oleander Soundtrack: Oleander Time 4> Lolita Soundtrack: What About Me? 5> Lolita Soundtrack: Lolita Finale. So here's the list...
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    Girl It's Alright

    Hey could someone send me the song? I jhad it on my old computer but it got lost... If you would please send it to my email I would be soooo happy! God I hope I don't have to go to work today, cause then I can just cruise around in here... LOL Have a nice day...
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    I'm Back!

    Thank you. It's wonderful to be back... :)
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    I'm Back!

    Hey all. I'm hoping to regain contact with all those great people from the Official site. I miss talking to ya'll! Michelle, Chelle