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    I thought our home web site was not to be disclosed????

    Many kinds or professional people, paid and volunteer, like teachers, engineers, doctors, nurses, sanitarians work in international assistance programs and become the target of all kinds of political and religious fanatics. Until I saw the note from Storm we all thought the internet was safe...
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    Thank you so much!!

    Thank You, You have made me proud! Making my treatment rounds, I was watching a Muslim mom divide up an American MRE . MREs are Meals ready to eat made for US military that some one bought and sent here with money people like you sent to rescue Northern Pakistani and Indian people who have...
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    Help very much needed!

    Please send CARE, or Drs without borders or whoever you trust, whatever money you can spare to help the people of Northern Indian Kashmir and Northern Pakistan . Even a few dollars will help with blankets, food, medicines, and clothes. You won't be paying me, I work for free but sometimes I...
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    How about a section just for the Anti-Steven people.

    Any thing negative about Steven or his fans could be put there. I thought when I your the rules, there would be no personal detractions about anyone. The anti steven people could enjoy themselves and no one else need be annoyed.
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    Just a note about who got medical treatment first.

    You may hear people criticizing Drs and Nurses in the New Orleans disaster because they seemed to follow strange rules about triage with disaster patients. Usually triage means the injured are sorted so that the most seriously hurt people are treated first, the walking wounded, last. But...
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    I am proud to say many of you are pitching in!

    Several of you have sent money and some have even taken some of our refugee patients into your homes providing temporary shelter. You are wonderful. At the same time we should all be careful to be extra cautious about hand washing and immunizations. Hand washing is the one biggest safety measure...
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    One last note, follow up for Katrina.

    Right now the CDC is issuing a protocol for immunizing people diplaced people. My disaster experienced medical colleagues have been discussing that it would be best wisdom for everone to prepare themselves for self defense for future disasters which we believe will come.. President Bush...
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    The very worse intervention in a disaster ever!

    It’s hard to believe that disaster nursing in the US could be more dangerous than anything I’ve face overseas. First somebody shot at the helicopter when I was dropped into a hospital. Then the Army made me leave because they there were no police to stop armed looters who were breaking into the...
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    Remember Rooster's warning about China buying more missles!!!

    China has just warned the US that they'll fire missles at us if we defend Taiwan from attack. At the same time I've been invited to an emergency conference in Beijing on an international protocol for cooperation in stemming rapidly spreading epidemics. The same letter reminds me that I'm...
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    Does this seem strange?

    Medicaid doesn't pay for birth control pills BUT does pay for Viagra which costs $10 a pill.
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    Is the weather crazy or what?

    When I went to bed it was -10. Woke up to a foot of nea snow and +30. The is started to rain. I hate freezing rain. Anchorage is supposed to get to +40 this AM.
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    Flu shotes:

    Alaska Dept. of Health just e-mailed me thay they have broadened the age groups eliiggle for slu shots by adding any age 50 to 65. I'm pretty sure this will be done in all states so it interested ask!!!! The flu is bad this year.
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    Asian Bird Flu, Are we in danger?

    ASIAN BIRD FLU Asian Bird Flu is frightening but preventable until it mutates. The USA and Europe are unlikely to have cases for a while but travelers to Thailand could bring it home any time. We shouldn’t be complacent because Americans and Canadians travel to Bangkok all the time usually for...
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    Global warming accelerating!

    Japanese scientists report that the effects of global warming are speeding up in Asia. Japan has a record 10 typhoons this year. Bangladash, North Eastern India , and South Eastern China have had record prolonged flooding this year and last. Asia will lose a large amount of it's low lying rice...
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    Hi! Everyone, good to be back. Skimming here I see Mama is not as good as we’d like but still hangin in tough the way we like to see. I’m just home from travel and just want to suggest if anyone has some spare Christmas Cash, the men and women in Iraq can use morale raising hand held games...
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    to Jet Li

    I can't get into the Chat room for some reason.
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    My retirement fund is

    mostly in mutual funds and the stock market is sinking. The national economy may be sinking with it. If things get worse I may have to retire to India where food and rent is cheaper although the standard of living is lower. A semi broke American can still live pretty well there but the blaring...
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    We are hopelessly out of Flu vaccine!!!!

    This ia terrible. I have so many high risk patients and can't do a thing. Worse yet I feel guilty that my handsome male nurse gave me mine in the hOspital. He said " you are not getting away from me litytle girl without your flu shot." This is so serious. Drug companies don't want to make...
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    The storms in the Carribean!!!

    People in Florida and the Carribean Islands desparately need any money you can give to CARE, Salvation Army, Red Cross, or your own choice of charity. The need is so huge!!!!!! They are living in polluted mud, power is most often off and their is NO safe water. I'm in a bit of trouble...
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    The changing Global climate>

    Well! It’s been years since I served any disasters near home but I guess that’s where I’ll be next. To bad there’s no way to bring Cody South. Too hot and he’d be in the way. Could have used him as a guard dog overseas. It’s time the people of the world decided to do something if they are...