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  1. Kwan

    Steven lost some weight!

    First of all i want to say hello to all of you guys! Havent been here for months :( I watched Out Of Reach last week and iam very pleased with what i saw....nice movie :) The thing i noticed first was Steven (of course) and his body....he seems to lost some weight since his past 3 movies...
  2. Kwan

    HPD cover

    have you seen this HPD cover before?
  3. Kwan

    Perfect movie for Seagal

    For you who have seen The Hunted with Tommy Lee Jones.....his role....wouldn´t that role suit Seagal perfect!!?? :cool:
  4. Kwan

    The Breed - Michael Oblowitz

    anyone seen Oblowitz´s The Breed? if you compare it with TF and OFAK, better directing or not?
  5. Kwan

    Seagal autograped photo, ebay

    hi all what do you think about his auction? fake or real? thanks!
  6. Kwan

    Out For a Kill out on DVD in Sweden june 25th ????

    hi just found this at a swedish e-store it says that "Out For a Kill" will be released at region 2 DVD this week!!! the US date i think was august 19th ? here to see the DVD info (in swedish) i just emailed...
  7. Kwan

    Finally iam free!!!

    Finally!!! In January this year i was called into to the military at an marinebase located in sweden. This was a duty until November...11 months. You see in Sweden all men over 18 must do a (don´t know the english word) "military test and see if you fits in swedish army....when i did the...
  8. Kwan

    Two Seagal movies on two different swedish TV channels :)

    just wanted to say that this is the first time swedish TV shows two Seagal films the same night at the same time :) "Nico: Above the Law" and "Glimmer Man" is up tonight. They start at 9.00 PM if someone is able to tune in swedish TV ;)
  9. Kwan

    Interview with Art Camacho on Half Past Dead

    just found this maybe its been posted here before :rolleyes:
  10. Kwan

    Out For a Kill....wierd info

    hi all take a look at this seems that they mixed-up Matrix 2 and Out For a Kill :rolleyes:
  11. Kwan

    Diamonds Lotus Oils....anyone?

    have anyone been in contact with these oils from the Diamond Lotus Ranch? anyone who has ordered from theirs webstore? thanks
  12. Kwan

    Steven, ex-smoker???!!!

    hi all i watch HPD today, saw it for the first time, a very impressive movie i think....nice :) when i saw Steven smoked in the beginning, I remembered a topic about Steven and was it...did Steven smoke in his earlier days for a smaller period???? i think he didn´t but do...