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    I thought our home web site was not to be disclosed????

    Many kinds or professional people, paid and volunteer, like teachers, engineers, doctors, nurses, sanitarians work in international assistance programs and become the target of all kinds of political and religious fanatics. Until I saw the note from Storm we all thought the internet was safe...
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    Thank you so much!!

    For an Asian ip address! A Pak doctor who borrows my laptop to e-mail his wife here in Pakistan says our e-mails and posts would have Pakistan ip addresses if we had a cyber shop near us where we just pay a few cents to use their computers that use regular phone lines. But there are no such...
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    Thank you so much!!

    My home is in Alaska, Not Canada. My laptop uses my satelite phone to hop my stuff to my home server. Don't know how you got a Canada ip address but I don't know anythinhg about that stuff. The phone and the laptop do everything for me. H
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    Pickin' cotton rascist....

    I had never seen a cotton plant until I reached India. A few years ago I was working with health workers in India who were studying people some of whom worked picking cotton. I had always like the song and remember first hearing it sung by a popular black singer. I think it's still a nice...
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    People were overheard saying.........

    Whoa!!! Mama! Next thing you'll be telling people there was once a 3 Cents postage stamp and people will be guessing how long some of us have been around. H
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    Thank you so much!!

    The kids wanted American Ice Cream!??? In one camp we really worry about because there's a mix of people from both sides and different religions, the kida were asking me for American ice cream No way to get it here. BUT, some soldiers and I came up with a mix of cream, milk, powdered egg...
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    Thank you so much!!

    Thank You, You have made me proud! Making my treatment rounds, I was watching a Muslim mom divide up an American MRE . MREs are Meals ready to eat made for US military that some one bought and sent here with money people like you sent to rescue Northern Pakistani and Indian people who have...
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    Why did steven change his rug?

    About time some positive words!! I'm glad to see some support for Steven around here. He's a handsome middle age man. I'd be surprised if 2/3 of the over 40 acters and many actresses are not augmenting their looks. I wear make up a little even trudging thru mud and yuk.
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    Can You Play an Instrument???

    No, wish I could!!!! Never had time to learn!!!
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    Help very much needed!

    Please send CARE, or Drs without borders or whoever you trust, whatever money you can spare to help the people of Northern Indian Kashmir and Northern Pakistan . Even a few dollars will help with blankets, food, medicines, and clothes. You won't be paying me, I work for free but sometimes I...
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    Steven Seagal at Bangkok !!!

    Have been in and out of hospitals since my last visit working in Asia and was wounded by a new bodyguard. I'm getting well now and we've been able to resolve some border differences by satelite which is a real coup since it opens new paths for the delivery of emergency services, medial supplies...
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    Steven Seagal at Bangkok !!!

    Just checkin and find the place hasn't changed. T. Woj But on the other hand aren’t you always ready and eager to express the negative about Steven Seagal. I find it strange that the administrator of his fan club is so eager to find fault and never have anything good to say.. On the...
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    Just a note about who got medical treatment first.

    I agree, it makes no sense! I'm told most of the people eager to return have money or are business people who want to see what's recoverable. Fortunately the poor can't afford to return and would find little if they did. The poor would be the most vulnerable if they were exposed to what's...
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    How about a section just for the Anti-Steven people.

    Looks like what ever you call them, The "Unhappy with Steven" people are in charge here whether they are describing films they haven't seen or making comments about how the man look. He can't do anything right.
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    How about a section just for the Anti-Steven people.

    Any thing negative about Steven or his fans could be put there. I thought when I your the rules, there would be no personal detractions about anyone. The anti steven people could enjoy themselves and no one else need be annoyed.
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    Just a note about who got medical treatment first.

    Some People reurning to New Orleans are showing first cases os infections. The first cases of infectious dysentary including possible typhoid are appearing among returnees to New Orleans. The mud is still there and fermenting with disease germs. At least there is medicine available now except...
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    Just a note about who got medical treatment first.

    You may hear people criticizing Drs and Nurses in the New Orleans disaster because they seemed to follow strange rules about triage with disaster patients. Usually triage means the injured are sorted so that the most seriously hurt people are treated first, the walking wounded, last. But...
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    I am proud to say many of you are pitching in!

    Several of you have sent money and some have even taken some of our refugee patients into your homes providing temporary shelter. You are wonderful. At the same time we should all be careful to be extra cautious about hand washing and immunizations. Hand washing is the one biggest safety measure...
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    One last note, follow up for Katrina.

    Right now the CDC is issuing a protocol for immunizing people diplaced people. My disaster experienced medical colleagues have been discussing that it would be best wisdom for everone to prepare themselves for self defense for future disasters which we believe will come.. President Bush...
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    The very worse intervention in a disaster ever!

    Cleaning up! Things are quieting down. Several halth care people ar sick and have had to be evacuated including 2 of my Alaskan friends. Now the main focus is findig and removing the dead to refrigerated trucks. The morgues are broken down or too full. A really hard thing is shooting pet...