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    The Grandmaster

    I saw the trailer for the recently released movie championed by Martin Scorsese, The Grandmaster. It stars Tony Leung, Ziyi Zhang, Cung Lee. It is yet anoother story based on Wing Chun Master Yip Man. I normallydon't like all the "wirework" often presented with current martial arts films but it...
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    gov't shutdown

    I was under the impression that a gov't shutdown meant a total closing of all but the most essential agencies. Today, I learned that only 13% of the government is actually not operating!? This is hardly the apocalyptic event facing mankind as depicted in the media. It was interesting to...
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    steven segal at aikido ehibition

    Hello, does any know if their is extensive video footage available of the aikido expo that was done in Japan around 1995. Steven Seagal was one of the demonstrators. I believe some brief clips were shown toward the end of the path Beyound Thought video. Thank you.