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  1. tora

    The Somebody Thread...Enter

    But then we need a subforum for the threads like that.I haven't changed my mind yet :D
  2. tora

    The Somebody Thread...Enter

    Take the challenge.:D I've been thinking of leaving this site for good but I first want people to beg me to stay.:D
  3. tora

    Steven Seagal sued for $14 million by production company

    I've no furhter comments.A 100 % statement that doesn't need to be automatically repeated.:D
  4. tora

    The Getting to Know you Thread (part 2)

    Been popping in and out briefly and yet not inspired to make a post.So I'll just say hello to everybody and cheers.
  5. tora

    Steven Seagal sued for $14 million by production company

  6. tora

    What Song Reflects Your Current Mode Of Thinking.

    Steve Vai "Building The Church"
  7. tora

    I might leave for good.

    I'll keep my positive thoughts on you,Mason.Everything's gonna be alright,fellow.It ain't about cake,it's about a good faith. Let's turn all the rational into irrational for what it really stands.I don't come here for the sake of Steven Seagal,I come here for the sake of you,rational and...
  8. tora

    Where's TD?

    Let's arrange a huge plasma TV for TD's next birthday :D
  9. tora

    Steven Seagal sued for $14 million by production company

    You can't really trust the tabloids but they're nearly the only source here and often not reliable.And no one really knows what's happening there indeed just from a single multi-tabloidal point of view.Thanks,Thai IP Guy!
  10. tora

    Show some of your favorite things!!!

    Gibson Les Paul!!!Ain't it a beauty ;)
  11. tora

    The Getting to Know you Thread (part 2)

    Keep in mind Saturday and Sunday,I'm gonna be the heavy cloud hanging off the sky and it's gonna rain pickles!:D
  12. tora

    Hollywood Visit - Report

    You see not everything is as bad as you see it.
  13. tora

    Quote Of The Day

    Scotch,your previous signature was the best quote ever :D
  14. tora

    The Somebody Thread...Enter

    If my thread succeeded more than 1 page than it deserves something :D
  15. tora

    The Getting to Know you Thread (part 2)

    Last time it was Amos I missed out and now it's Suzi.Ah well,there's always that wondeful edit button :D Now go figure :D
  16. tora

    Did the unthinkable (my Aikido journey)

    Who knows,TD,maybe your aikido classes lead you to a state when you decide to make up your mind for piano again.I hear people starting something at all ages and the most important thing is to love what you're doing...and patience of course.Things just don't work an easy way,that we all know...
  17. tora

    Where's TD?

    Hey TD,I just thought I'd drop by your thread and say hello!:)
  18. tora

    Laughter is the best medicine (part 2)

    STUPID QUESTIONS WITH SMART ANSWERS ………. BOY : May I hold your hand? GIRL : No thanks, it isn't heavy. GIRL : Say you love me! Say you love me! BOY : You love me... GIRL : If we become engaged will you give me a ring?? BOY : Sure, what's your phone number...
  19. tora

    What are you craving right now?

    I want some applause!:D
  20. tora

    Steven Seagal sued for $14 million by production company

    Lollipop and Glimmer,thanks for the humor folks :D And for the final note,there will always be diverse opinions and it's ok to have them for a balance but it's not nice to cause imbalance by telling each other things like "you're're're insulting." or elsewhat.We need all...