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  1. zenswim

    Who Do You Think Are The Best Martial Artists Today?

    Hi Craig, I am pleased that you have seen 'Kampfansage', yes it is a good movie, filmed on quite low budget! Attached is a picture with myself, Mathis and Joe Robinson (in black shirt). Joe is 80 years old and still practicing martial arts, he is an 8th Dan Judo and 5th Dan in Karate and...
  2. zenswim

    Who Do You Think Are The Best Martial Artists Today?

    Mathis Landwehr - The Next Generation I would like to say that I agree with take-sensei on his list, and what Dragonking said about the old Masters. A friend of mine, Lightening Bear, who is a stuntman and worked on Billy Jack, and also trained with Bruce Lee in the 1960s, told me that for a...
  3. zenswim

    My fanmade Flight of Fury Trailer...

    That's a great trailer Hofmae, very well done. I am looking forward to seeing 'Flight of Fury' when it comes out in March. I shall save it on my favourites on You Tube. Thanks. Yours in Peace and Love Zenswim
  4. zenswim

    Trailers of Death Trance (with Kentaro Seagal)

    Looks like a good movie,I like to see it when it comes to Dvd. Well done take-sensei. Thanks for the message the other day on Steven Seagal site. Yours in Peace and Love Zenswim AKA DeLyons
  5. zenswim

    Hi, i'm new!

    Greetings JSwales! Have a great time on this site! Yours in the Dharma. Peace. Zenswim
  6. zenswim

    New Video Clip !!

    Wonderful clip! He truly is The Mojo Priest and is totally in the 'GROOVE!' Fantastic Suzi. Peace and love Zenswim
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    A big hi to Stevenseagalfan! Hope you enjoy these groovy Steven Seagal Cats on the forum! De zon under the zay de zeen sugurn! Thats my Dutch! Peace and yours in the Dharma. Zenswim
  8. zenswim


    Hi Sensei! Another big greeting from a fellow martial artist! "It's like a finger pointing away to the moon, don't concentrate on the finger or you will miss all the heavenly glory". Peace and yours in the Dharma! Zenswim
  9. zenswim


    Aloha manpreeth1 ! Just thought I say hello and a big welcome from me! Hare Krishna! Zenswim
  10. zenswim

    Hello to everyone

    Hi ilona Thats a beautiful image of Gautama Siddhartha! You paint very well. I think Steven would love to have a present like that. I am going to see Mr Seagal in January 2007 in Croydon. Please feel free to contact me through my PM! It would be great to speak with you also...
  11. zenswim

    Hello to everyone

    Good evening ilona! First of all I like to say Blessings to you and welcome to the land of Seagology! I really like your avatar of The Buddha, where is it from? I'm a Buddhist and interested in theology and Philosophy. I hope to talk with you in the near future. Keep posting...
  12. zenswim Is Offline Once Again!!!!!!

    Hi there everyone on this post! I think this site should stay 'UNOFFICIAL' and Steven should have his own. There would be to much control if this became the 'OFFICIAL SITE'. Its best the way it is! Yours in the Dharma Zenswim Aka Derek
  13. zenswim

    New Concert Dates of Steven Seagal & Thunderbox World Tour

    Hi Lanista aka Russ! I will see you there. Just thought I let you know that I am going to be in the middle of row G. Say ' Hi!' , if you wish! Yours in the Dharma Derek aka Zenswim
  14. zenswim

    Storm, Happy Birthday...............

    Happy Birthday Storm! Peace and Good fortune! Yours in the Dharma Zenswim
  15. zenswim

    New Concert Dates of Steven Seagal & Thunderbox World Tour

    TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE NOW! FAIRFIELD HALL CROYDON. I have just paid for my tickets for the one and only Mr Steven Seagal! I am so pleased! Yours in Peace and Love Zenswim
  16. zenswim

    New Concert Dates of Steven Seagal & Thunderbox World Tour

    Dear Suzi Thanks for the information on the new dates! I shall be going to the Fairfield Hall croydon gig, so if there are any other fans going to this show let me know. Contact me through my PM If you wish, and we can meet up at the gig! Fairfield Hall has a 2000 capacity, so you...
  17. zenswim

    "Into The Sun" is in Turkish Channel !!

    Goodnydon Suzi! Just sit on your favourite chair with some nice Turkish coffee and Turkish delight - enjoy! Yours in peace and Love Derek aka Zenswim
  18. zenswim

    Steven Seagal Biography Channel 2005

    Hi there Mickey[littlewolf809]! Thank you for your reply but they seem not to send to the UK! Perhaps someone could buy it for me, for my birthday which is on 25th September!!!! If there are any offers from the US let me know on my pm! Thanks once again. Yours in peace and love...
  19. zenswim

    Steven Seagal Biography Channel 2005

    Does anyone on this site have a copy of 'THE STEVEN SEAGAL DOCUMENTARY', which appeared on The Biography Channel in 2005? Let me know if you can find a copy! Yours in peace and love Zenswim
  20. zenswim

    Great Blues Mr. Seagal

    Greetings to Porkadon! Its great here in Seagalogy land, lots of good people on the forum! Welcome to our universe! Hare Krishna! Zenswim