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  1. tigerfeet

    Happy New Year!

    I just wanted to say Happy New Year to all Seagal fans (and of course to Steven himself). Happy 2009 to you all!! May it bring you all the happiness and dreams that you hope for.
  2. tigerfeet

    Songs you would like to hear Steven record

    One of our newer members, Sing me the blues said something that caught my interest - that it would be great if Steven were to record an album of classic blues tunes. We have already seen that he is capable on Mojo Priest. What I am wondering then, is what songs would you like to hear if he were...
  3. tigerfeet

    Why is everything showing up as "today"??

    Just wondering... the last few days when I have logged on, the "new posts" section shows everything as having been posted "today". Even threads that "have not been updated since my last visit" show the last post as "today". Anyone know why this is happening??
  4. tigerfeet

    How does one get un-lost??

    So here I am, insomniatic once again, and I was just wondering, do you suppose Steven ever gets depressed? Does he ever feel lost? He always seems to be so driven, so sure of his path, so sure of himself, but then again... he is only human... And so then I ask myself, what does Steven do to...
  5. tigerfeet

    Song for Steven, song from Steven

    Here's another one, girls. This comes from a chat a while back. If you could sing Steven one song to express how you feel about him, what would it be? And, if he could sing you one song, what would that be? My two choices at the moment are: From me, to him, Muddy Waters "I Just Wanna...
  6. tigerfeet

    I bet Steven doesn't EVEN KNOW...

    How much joy, happiness, peace and well being he brings into this world. Of course he knows about his movies and his music and the good works he does, but what I am talking about is this forum. I have found the community here to be so supportive, fun, fun-loving, mischievous, and accepting. Not...
  7. tigerfeet

    No more Mr Nice Guy

    Found this on Youtube. It's a bit old, so many of you may have seen it, but it's a cool compilation. For you girls... watch near the end when he goes close up on Steven's face. Those eyes make me melt every time.
  8. tigerfeet

    Flooding in White Rock

    Steven Seagal has a trailer in White Rock, where he stays while filiming in B.C. This news, then... Heavy rain floods White Rock street Catherine Rolfsen, Vancouver Sun Published: Tuesday, June 10...
  9. tigerfeet

    Experiences that changed your awareness

    I thought it might be interesting for us all to share experiences we have had that changed our awareness of the power of the universe, or the power that we ourselves possess. This kind of follows on from the Ki thread, but with a more personal, experiential angle. The experience could be...
  10. tigerfeet

    Park it

    OK, here is what I want to know... Why is it that in the movies (I just finished re-watching Urban Justice) that people are always able to park RIGHT OUTSIDE the places they are going, but whenever I go out, I have to circle the block five times, or drive miles out of my way and end up...