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  1. GlimmerMan

    XBOX Live

    Anyone on the boards have a Live account? Add the GMan if ya do - ARMOURED5AINT. The 'S' is a number 5. Rock!
  2. GlimmerMan

    'Empire' magazine Seagal article

    I did a little digging for the Seagal story about the dog that saved him - here is part of an article from the UK movies magazine 'Empire', which interviewed Seagal a few months ago: As part of Empire’s high-octane Action Special issue, we sat down to interview three one-man armies —...
  3. GlimmerMan

    Cool registration plate... or maybe not!

    This place is deader than Freddie Mercury guys. Are you all asleep?! Out and about in the 'pool, you see some odd sights. Today in the carpark of a supermarket, I came across this vehicle registration plate, which is from Poland, I think. I wonder whether the guy driving the car was a tosser...
  4. GlimmerMan

    Jack Reacher

    If anyone is a fan of the author Lee Child, they would know of his character Jack Reacher. I'm currently reading his latest novel and I was struck by how cool it would be if Seagal were to play the character of Jack Reacher in a movie of a Lee Child novel. A film of the Child novel 'One...
  5. GlimmerMan

    Is it true?!

    Is Joe Halpin really Lee Nicholson? :confused: :D Make up your own mind... G-Man (mysterious...)
  6. GlimmerMan

    The G-Man has returned!

    I was only gone a day or two - I'm off work for a week and so I decided to drive up to the Lake District. I spent a couple of days in the sunshine, wandering the countryside, with nothing but a Thermos flask of strong coffee to keep me company. I slept under the stars and fought with wild wolves...
  7. GlimmerMan

    I'm so bored...

    ...with the USA. Actually - I'm so bored with threads being closed, just when they start to get interesting. Big Lee - I agree 100% with your posts. People need to wake up and smell the essential oils in this place. "This must be just like living in paradise And I don't want to go...
  8. GlimmerMan

    Blood Diamond

    Has anyone seen this movie? I just got back from the cinema and thought it was absolutely awesome - possibly one of the best movies I've seen for a while. Leonardo DiCaprio is fantastic in it, and the film is action-packed and very poignant. It summed up the problems exacerbated by the...
  9. GlimmerMan

    Steven interviewed on Richard & Judy last night (UK) - anyone catch it?

    Apparently, he was back to his old, usual, surly self... :( I ain't got time to check on YouTube or see if the above is true but if anyone who saw it or has any clips then it would be cool to see them. Peace. G-Man
  10. GlimmerMan

    LIVERPOOL ECHO Seagal Article

    There's an article in my local paper (The Liverpool Echo) about Seagal tonight (as he plays here tomorrow). I'll type up the article now. Enjoy it - he comes across quite well. The article is entitled 'PLAYING THE BLUES' and is written by Dawn Collinson. "Quietly and politely spoken, calm...
  11. GlimmerMan

    Merry Christmas To All My Droogs!

    Hello everyone, The G-Man is making his annual visit to the official unofficial Steven Seagal website because I'd just like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and I hope you all have a great New Year. I haven't been online much recently as I started a new job (finally got in the...
  12. GlimmerMan

    This WAS the best Steven Seagal message board on the internet

    Let me reiterate. This was the best Steven Seagal message board on the internet.
  13. GlimmerMan

    Has anyone noticed...

    That on the 'Official' Steven Seagal site, all the movie synopsis sections are by our very own Craig Robertson? Hahaha! :D
  14. GlimmerMan

    I might not come back!

    Hello friends. Sorry about the pretentious title, but I had to grab your attention. Tomorrow I go into hospital for an operation on my eye. I am having it replaced with a Terminator one. However, if I should die during this minor surgical procedure, you will simply never hear from me...
  15. GlimmerMan

    What has happened to the orange squares?

    I see them for one or two people but not for others, myself included? Did they get deleted? Not that it really matters, like, but they looked kinda cool and gave some idea of the number of posts each member had.
  16. GlimmerMan

    The duel is near!

    Hey guys. Just to let you know that I won't be posting for a while as I am heading off to the sunnier shores of France for a week. :cool: I'm sure most of you will be greatly relieved at the prospect of a week's worth of freedom from my rantings, so make the most of it. Lonewolf - see...
  17. GlimmerMan

    Seagal Haiku

    I found these on the FUAD website. Some funnies, but I'm sure Amos will edit them. :rolleyes: You ****ing with me? If you want me to hurt you, Believe me, I will. I know he did it. Evidence? **** evidence. His fat ass is mine. My partners all die In ambush, by trickery. And I...
  18. GlimmerMan

    Darn cat freaked me out!

    It's almost midnight here and I have made the mistake of leaving the light on in the computer room with the window open. I only left the room for a minute, but now there is all manner of bugs and beasties in the room with me. I am trying to ignore them while I am typing... however, they are...
  19. GlimmerMan

    I got banned from the official site!

    Hahahahahahahaha... check it: It's populated by weirdos anyway - I'm much better off staying here. "You would look nice with bubbles"... what kind of a response is that, you ted?! AAAAAAAAAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! GlimmerMan...
  20. GlimmerMan

    Cats kick ass!

    Indeed they do.