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  1. Jules

    Happy birthday Steven Seagal

    Just wanted to take the time out today to wish Steven Seagal Happy birthday. Best wishes to you always.
  2. Jules

    He is Risen!

    HE IS RISEN Written by: ? He is Risen! Earth Awakes And her prison house forsakes. Hear the glad bird-voices sing; "Where, O Death, is now thy sting?" Winds their silver trumpets blow; "He hath conquered every foe." Soft the murmuring waters say: "Lo, the stone is rolled away." He...
  3. Jules

    When I say I am a Christian

    WHEN I SAY I AMA CHRISTIAN ~by Carol Wimmer When I say, "I am a Christian" I'm not shouting "I am saved" I'm whispering "I was lost!" "That is why I chose His way." When I say, "I am a Christian" I don't speak of this with pride I'm confessing that I stumble Needing God to be my...
  4. Jules

    Loving Despite the Prickles

    From the book, "A Union of Hearts, celebrating the beauty of love.~written and compiled by Ellyn Sanna LOVING DESPITE THE PRICKLES "One winter a group of porcupines were caught out in a storm. As night fell, they tried to huddle together for warmth--but when they did, their quills kept...
  5. Jules

    Happy Birthday Amos!

    HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY AMOS!!!!! Welcome to the middle ages! LOL..... :p So did they have color TV's WAYYY back then? You are officially a former spring chicken! Enjoy your birthday cake and all the food! can have all the snow we get this winter. When shall I start shipping...
  6. Jules

    Happy Birthday Heather!

    Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Heather. Happy birthday to youuuuuuu! Hope our spunky chick has a happy birthday. Best wishes to you. You are special to us. :) Love, Jules
  7. Jules

    Happy Birthday Kat!!!!

    HAPPY Birthday KAT!!! :) Best wishes to you in all you do. I hope your day is special as you. I smell KFC for dinner? Sniff...sniff... :D Birthday cake? CHOCOLATEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Ooohhhh.....I just noticed you hit a mile marker next year! :D Happy 49th Birthday Kat...
  8. Jules

    It's in the valleys I grow

    IT'S IN THE VALLEYS I GROW By: Jane Eggleston (I got this in an email) Sometimes life seems hard to bear, full of sorrow, trouble and woe It's then I have to remember that it's in the valleys I grow If I always stayed on the mountain top and never experienced pain, I would never...
  9. Jules

    Leaving a post

    Why do most post work as long as an attachment is attached? I tried to leave some humor in the Laughter is the best medicine thread....I clicked to post...nothing.:( ?????????????????????????????
  10. Jules

    Spiritual Quotes

    "When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, 'I used everything you gave me."~Irma Bombeck "The Lord is my shepard, I shall not be in want."~Psalm 23:1
  11. Jules

    Music with a message

    LIFESONG ~ Casting Crowns Empty hands held high Such a small sacrifice If not joined with my life I sing in vain tonight May the words I say And the things I do Make my lifesong sing Bring a smile to You Let my lifesong sing to You Let my lifesong sing to You I want to sign...
  12. Jules

    What If

    Here is a song from singer Nichole Nordeman. I thought it was a good song to ponder during Easter....or any time. WHAT IF ~Nichole Nordeman What if you're right? And he was just another nice guy What if you're right? What if it's true? They say the cross will only make a fool of you...
  13. Jules


    "Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled" ~ Helen Steiner Rice "Whenever I am troubled and lost in deep despair' I bundle all my troubles up and go to God in prayer. I tell Him I am heartsick and lost and lonely too, That my mind is deeply burdened and I don't know what to do. But I know He...
  14. Jules

    Staying logged in

    Craig, I thought the problems with staying logged in were gone....until I popped in here. I updated by browser to Netscape 8.0 to in-hopes curb this problem. I can't stay logged in and surf. I really don't care for computer cookies.:( What is different here from other sites that I only...
  15. Jules

    The Reason For The Season

    MERRY CHRISTMAS! :) Best wishes to you and your family. :) "Behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people." ~Luke 2:10 "For this I was born, and for this I have come into the world, to bear the truth..." ~John 18:37 "Eternal life is in Him, and this life...
  16. Jules

    Nearly Normal News

    The radio station I listen to has a segment called, "Nearly Normal News." They talk about current news that is a bit....not normal.... :eek: :rolleyes: :) :D I thought I would share them with you as I get a chance to post them.:) *****If anyone has news from their area....good or...
  17. Jules

    Meet you at the flag pole day

    Today is, "Meet You At The Flag Pole Day." :) Approximately 2 million kids around the United States go to their schools today before classes to meet at the flagpole to pray for their schools, the government and the government leaders, the nation, etc.
  18. Jules

    My God Is Limitless

    MY GOD IS LIMITLESS ~Lou Zaccardo I've wondered, Lord, how it can be you hear me when I call I'm only one of millions, and you love is over all How can it be Your holy ear is tuned to hear my cries? How can you know what troubles me and see the tears in my eyes? Do I presume too...
  19. Jules

    If God should go on strike

    Here is a poem I found tucked in my mothers bible: IF GOD SHOULD GO ON STRIKE ~by Walt Huntley How good it is that God above has never gone on strike. Because he was not treated fair in things he didn't like, If only once he'd given up and said, "That's it, I'm through!" "I've had...
  20. Jules

    Site Changes

    Hi Craig! Just noticed something while browsing the website. What is that "shout box" all about? A new chat room? A way to cuss someone out? LOL.... Hey....Craig.....they hit me......first..... LOL.... ;) :D