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  1. Nick

    The Tip of the Spear

    Are there any releases planned for 2021?
  2. Nick

    Bounty - Steven Seagal, Michael Jai White

    Would I do this? Ok, well let's examine the situation. If I was a starving artist, perhaps. If I was an already established action star like Seagal and I had a few millions, could get into Producing perhaps Writing Scripts, doing Action Choreography, or even manage rising new action stars... No...
  3. Nick

    Bounty - Steven Seagal, Michael Jai White

    I think the effort days are over. The films where he seemed to try a bit more came right after Exit Wounds. At least in the Physical Movement department. If I am recalling this correctly. I am not even sure when the Sit Down Roles started. But they certainly did start at some point or another...
  4. Nick

    Bounty - Steven Seagal, Michael Jai White

    What is with that Poster... Michael Jay White? Jai... perhaps lol That's just lazy. Talk about an oversight.
  5. Nick

    Pitch Black - Steven Seagal

    'Pitch Black' director: Vin Diesel saved me from 'fate worse than death' with Steven Seagal (exclusive)
  6. Nick

    Today You Die - Reviews

    Very interesting. All this aside, we could have had two better films.
  7. Nick

    Today You Die - Reviews

    I think I am growing softer with age too. Look at my review for Today You Die. Geez, one line. If I watched it now, I would probably be way kinder. It still beats most of the output in the last 10 years. And you are right, Out For A Kill actually had tons of fights. They weren't always filmed...
  8. Nick

    Today You Die - Reviews

    That's awesome. Hopefully, they are. I use that site all the time too, not sure why it didn't come up in my original google search results.
  9. Nick

    The Swordsman

    Wilson Yip in 2020 is beyond a stretch, unfortunately. Maybe in Seagal's prime. I don't even think he could even get Jesse V. Johnson or Isaac Florentine now. God, if somehow it could happen, imagine Gareth Evans with Seagal in his prime? That would have been quite the combo. Pure mayhem. The...
  10. Nick

    Today You Die - Reviews

    Hey J.Lucas, I tried to check but probably got the same results as you. Only Dutch subs available. I watch a lot of films which require subtitles and gotten decent at procuring them but it seems like we are out of luck.
  11. Nick

    The Foreigner (now on Digital)

    That's exactly it! Back then in those days, I used to complain, air out grievances over certain inconsistencies, incoherence, badly written scripts, lack of general things that go along with a film where everyone cares about the end product, what followed, was even worse, increasing with every...
  12. Nick

    Today You Die - Reviews

    I still recall this film even after all these years. Horrid doubles at the beginning of the film, horrible use of Randy Couture, it's a shame because back then I recall having such high hopes for the film. It had potential. They tried at least somewhat. There's truly nothing like a Lilliputian...
  13. Nick

    The Foreigner (now on Digital)

    I've always had a soft spot for this film. It's not very thrilling or action-packed, but there is something there. I feel like they tried with this one. It has that Could-Have-Been thing about it. I would put Out of Reach and Out for a Kill in the same category. Perhaps even Into the Sun. They...
  14. Nick

    Primary Target - Steven Seagal, Michael Madsen, L. Mandylor, Scott Adkins

    Scott Adkins is incredibly talented and exciting. He was just too late to the game. He would have been a star in the 80s, early 90s. Undisputed 2-4 are Great. Ninja 1 and 2 are also fantastic. Not to mention honestly whenever he works with Isaac Florentine and Jesse V. Johnson he delivers very...
  15. Nick

    With which DTV directors should Seagal work again?

    Perhaps Ching Siu-Tung because Belly of the Beast was actually half-decent. My other picks would be Jesse V. Johnson and Isaac Florentine.
  16. Nick

    Bounty - Steven Seagal, Michael Jai White

    My first post in 10 years. I am a fan of Michael Jai White. He is the real deal and still tries. Although I still see him attached to the dreadful DTV films. Steven being Steven, I know what to expect. He will dismantle him in a few slaps, ala Gary Daniels and Ken Lo. Waste of talented opponents.
  17. Nick

    God, it's been a moment. 2020. Jesus. I will have to look up my last post.

    God, it's been a moment. 2020. Jesus. I will have to look up my last post.
  18. Nick

    Hey TD, Long time, how are you my dear?

    Hey TD, Long time, how are you my dear?
  19. Nick

    Review : Shadow Man

    From Amazon a messy, funny, brain-dead screenplay that made laugh all the time., May 28, 2006 Reviewer: None Whatsoever (Orange County, CA, Land of Big Mortgage Payments) - See all my reviews so the american embassy in romania is like this, heh? a cia computer hacker, my god, could you...
  20. Nick

    Submerged - review

    My memory isn't what it used to be, but I can remember this without doubt. Never did I defend the Film(And I mentioned this to you once before). I remember writing countless negative things about it. But I realize that was amateurish considering I haven't seen the Film at the time. But this...