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  1. mandypuss

    My Country

    Today, the 25th of April, my country celebrates ANZAC Day. It is a day when we honour the thousands of our fellow countrymen who have died in war. We do not celebrate war nor do we condone it., but we do recognise the ultimate sacrifice of those who gave their lives in the Boer war, world wars 1...
  2. mandypuss

    Oceans Eleven

    Is it true that Steven was in Oceans Elevens as a police officer or security guard for about one second escorting Lennox Lewis to the ring?
  3. mandypuss

    Mira Seagal

    Who the heck is Mira Seagal?:confused:
  4. mandypuss

    Im a newbie

    Hi everyone, Im from the land downunder and have been an SS fan for only about a year but love him I do. Nice to meet others who are fans also;)