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    Maximum Conviction

    half past dead was the movie your thinking off anyway can't wait for maximum conviction should be a good movie and i feel seagal is producing better quality movies while getting back to his aikido roots
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    Steven Seagal Martial arts..

    tneshinaikidoka is correct just because it looks like something else doesn't mean it is and since he is affiliated with tenshin aikido and seagal he would no better than anyone if seagal had studied any other arts
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    Kyokushin Karate or Aikido ??

    try both and see which one you like best or which one you are suited to. remember a good instructor can make or break the art
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    steven seagal singing on tonight show
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    Steven's Tai Chi, Karate?

    i just read that seagal incorporated kenjutsu blocking and deflection in to his aikido so maybe what we are seeing are sword cutting and blocking techniques applied to punches and strikes
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    deflections and striking in aikido

    i was just wondering what sort of deflecting and striking aikido has in it. i see seagal using a lot of open hand blocking and a lot of palm striking in his latest film born to raise helland was wondering if this is aikido style blocking and striking or one of his other martial arts?
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    Born To Raise Hell - Reviews

    i can honestly say this is seagals best film in a long time.the fight scenes were longer than usual and amazing with plenty of aikido. the storyline was good too. overall this was a great film and its nice to see steven doing his own fight scenes
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    Seagal Hustler Mag. Interview Oct.2010

    it's strange how he said in a dangerous man there was a lot of karate because most of the stuff seagal did looked like aikido and wing chun although he is a black belt in ****o ryu karate so i could be wrong
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    Not that I'd want Sensei Steven Seagal to

    you have to remember these MMA guys have tremendous conditioning and train several times a day. plus seagal wouldn't be allowed to use any joint locks there not allowed. In a ring with rules seagal i dont think could win however in the street fight to the death anything goes then seagal will win...
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    Seagal´s ex wife Kelly LeBrock confirms allegations and will release a book about S.

    i think we should all give seagal the benefit of the doubt. innocent until proven guilty and besides this isnt the first time seagal's faced contoversy
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    Happy Birthday Mr. Steven Seagal

    Happy Birthday steven have a great day full of joy and laughter
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    fillipino boxing(pankutan) chen style tai chi

    well you know a lot of people say steven gets his excellent blocking skills from wing chun but don't know if he studied it.if you look at the foreigner where he fights the boxer guy in the hat you see him blocking a number of strikes and he is using silk reeling moving in circles and deflecting...
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    fillipino boxing(pankutan) chen style tai chi

    he has said in a radio interview he does study tai chi.i think i have seen him using silk reeling.what films would you say he was using tai chi in apart from belly of the beast thats an easy one.
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    Steven Seagal Martial arts..

    steven has studied aikido obviously,karate do,judo,kendo,kenjutsu,kali (weapon and empty hand forms) hes also studied a few chinese systems which are evident in some of his later movies although no one knows what chinese systems but probably wing chun,tai chi and the soft internal arts
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    steven seagal 5 part biography

    its been removed by A+E copyright issues sorry but this whole copyright thing is getting ridiculous youtube have to stop this now!
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    happy new year sue xx

    happy new year sue xx
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    happy new year anneliese xx

    happy new year anneliese xx
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    seagal's fighting style in a dangerous man

    after watching a dangerous man i am very pleased with the action the fight scenes were excelent there was clearly a lot of joint locks and throws from aikido but i am confused as to the strikes seagal was using and the blocks which looked almost like wing chun. what does everyone else think i...
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    A Dangerous Man aka On The Run - Reviews

    i bought the DVD today and all i'm going to say is it was amazing the fight scenes were all seagal and he used plenty of aikido and the action was non stop i would say this is one of his best in a very long time i highly recommend it. only downside was some dubbing but i give it a 9/10
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    steven seagal 5 part biography

    here is a 5 part biography of steven's life