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  1. Disciple

    Out for a Kill on TV in April

    I saw an ad over the weekend for OFAK having it's TV premier on one of the channels this month, possibly TBS channel (will have to watch the ad again to confirm). It'll probably be cut for language/violence, but still it's a free showing of the movie.
  2. Disciple

    Allergies! :(

    Someone mentioned allergies in another thread I just read, so I thought I'd ask here.... For the last few days I've had really red, watery eyes. I don't know if it's allergy or what, it could be hay fever because it is Spring, but I'm not sure if that's what it is. I took a Claritin tablet...
  3. Disciple

    Get better soon, Serena!

    Hope your leg heals from whatever happened. :) P.S. Why are you on crutches, if you don't mind me asking?
  4. Disciple

    Your favorite musicians?

    I got this idea when Serena said she was such a big Bob Seger fan... (By the way, not sure if it's in the right place but I didn't post this in the music section because it's not really related to SS music) So who are your favourite singers and bands? A few of mine off the top of my head...
  5. Disciple

    Celebrities Uncensored

    Anyone ever watch this show? They even had Kelly on it once...
  6. Disciple

    Steven Seagal's Travel Arrangements

    Steven Seagal's Current Location Wow, Sensei really does get around, doesn't he? Must have a fortune in air miles! :D
  7. Disciple

    Another Trivia Question- Actors who have appeared in both Seagal and Van Damme movies

    There are at least 11 by my count. This is a tricky one. :D
  8. Disciple

    Hard to Kill Trivia Question

    How many times are The Oscars mentioned in Hard to Kill? (I thought the question seemed appropriate :D)
  9. Disciple

    Your top 10 Romantic movies

    With all the Steven/Love posts around this place, I think it would be fitting to talk about some romantic movies. Would make a nice change from all the macho stuff like "which martial artist could beat up the others?" :D So which are your favorites? Mine: 1. Casablanca (obviously a must)...
  10. Disciple

    Pics question

    I was looking at, and they have a gallery of pics of different celebrities, including SS. But the pics are only accessible if you're a member. Is anyone here a member?
  11. Disciple

    The Seagal guy on MAD TV

    I think we talked about this before, but there is a guy on the show MAD TV (Comedy Central, as well as other channels) that does these impersonations of SS in different sketches as part of his routine. The comedian's name is Will Sasso, he's the big guy. I'm asking because although I don't find...
  12. Disciple

    Where is J Lucas these days?

    Anyone know? I miss that guys insight. Haven't seen him in a long time...
  13. Disciple

    What SEAGAL should do in order to get back on top

    Been thinking about this for a while, and after watching the disappointing Belly of the Beast, I've formulated a list of things that Seagal should do that would help him return to past cinematic glory. He used to be the top action star in the WORLD for crying out loud! So my suggestions are as...
  14. Disciple

    is Belly OTB out in Region 1 yet?

    anyone got theirs yet? mine is on order. and if you got it, what are the extras on the disc like?
  15. Disciple

    Need a pic of Seagal with long beard from Hard to Kill

    is there one on the site anywhere? I wanted to show it to someone.
  16. Disciple

    Exit Wounds question

    I've watched this movie several times and I still don't get the significance of one scene... right at the start, when we're introduced to Seagal's character and he's walking towards the speech area, it goes to slow motion and he stares hard at the earing of this cop walking past him. Why does he...
  17. Disciple

    Anyone good at making ascii pics?

    I think it would be cool to see some ascii pics of Seagal. Anyone up to the job? maybe the classic Above the Law image...
  18. Disciple

    Black & White pic of Sensei with sword?

    Someone used to have their signature pic as the black & white picture of Seagal with a sword. Where is this? (I have looked in the "Aikido" section of the gallery, and it is not there, although there are other sword pics) I think the pic was from a magazine article by the way (martial arts...
  19. Disciple

    What is the book that he is reading in The Glimmer Man?

    I was just watching the TV version of the Glimmer Man, that scene where his wife questions him about what's going on... at the start of the scene, he can be seen reading a book, and the title comes into view, but I can't quite make it out. Can anyone read the title? Just curious about this.
  20. Disciple

    Anyone here speak french?

    I'm trying to order some french DVDs, I need some help trying to understand the words they're throwing at me. Can anyone translate this for me? "Article à paraître : cet article n'est pas encore sorti, il sera disponible sur dès sa parution. La date prévue de parution est...