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    International Day Of Peace = September 21

    Today, September 21, is International Day of Peace. For more info: In Oneness and Peace
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    New Orleans Blogger

    For those of you interested in a very good New Orleans blogger: There's some nitty gritty info and experiences on this blog - guys who were there during the hurricane Katrina and others who also add to the blog who came into the city from outside...
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    Environmental insight

    Just want to let you all know if you're interested in environmental insight - as Steven is - there's a very good clip about the science and politics of Global Climate Change included in the DVD for the film The Day After Tomorrow. The clip is on the second of the set. There are many...
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    Earth Day message from Steven!

    Please visit "Earth Day History" in Off Topic to read Steven's message for Earth Day and the National Wildlife Federation!! I received the email because I'm on their mailing list and want to share it. In the email there is a link to the video message from Steven, but it won't come across in...
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    Lord Of The Rings trivia question

    Ok, this is for LOTR fans - has anyone noticed in Return Of The King when Aragorn sees the beacons from Gondor lite, as he runs up the hill into the hall - as he gets to the door of the hall, he touches the shield of the guard on his right - sort of like one of those big, round door openers...
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    Where is Steven during tsunamis?

    Has anyone an idea of where Steven is during the tsunamis?
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    Long Way Round

    Very interesting road trip: Have been watching segments on Bravo TV lately. Not "Travel Channel" stuff: very cool. I believe I mentioned they were riding Harleys ... 'Cuse Me! The bikes are BMW's! Anywho, pretty neat stuff with Ewen McGregor and Charley...
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    Pierce Brosnan now US citizen For fans of Pierce Brosnan, he is now a US citizen! He supports John Kerry. He supports Environmental action. One of his excellent Irish films, "Evelyn" about Desmond Doyle is really good for you film fans. I do believe he and...
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    6.9 Quake near Nicaragua

    There was a 6.9 quake offshore near Nicaragua today - very powerful. Not too many of this magnitude happen often.
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    The cops have closed all the roads to the Coventry, Vermont PHISH concert, but the concert will go on. They've had so much rain there's no place to park all the cars. There were about 80,000 tickets sold. I have a close relative who lives in Newport, right next door to Coventry. They said...
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    a simple monk

    The book "a simple monk" writings on His Holiness The Dalai Lama has a quote from Steven Seagal on page 83: "Well, one of the dilemmas is that he's the spiritual leader of Tibet and Tibetan Buddhism. Therefore, in many people's minds he should not be a politician, he should be a monk, a simple...
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    Global Security Institute

    For those of you interested in some good work being done to eliminate nuclear weapons, the Global Security Institute is working hard to help. Jane Goodall, Pierce Brosnan and others support it. Their website is quite nice with lots of info. It is the kind of work...
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    Stargate to Atlantis

    Anyone a Stargate fan here? Have you seen the 'spin-off' Stargate to Atlantis? I really like it. Of course I'm biased since I'm also a fan of Stargate too. It reminds me a bit of Star Trek. It has social issues, humor, and deeper characters. Now my Friday evenings are taken up watching TWO...
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    David Copperfield illusion email?

    Has anyone see the David Copperfield illusion email? The one where you concentrate on a card, look into his eyes, (without clicking on anything), and then THAT card disappears?! If you try it several times and choose different cards, it works every time! How does that work? Pretty cool.
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    The Last Samurai

    Just wondering if anyone has seen The Last Samurai yet and what you think. I hope to view it soon, and of course Lord Of The Rings coming up soon too ... :)
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    Half Past Dead now showing

    For those of you who can get Max on cable, Half Past Dead is playing this week. I just saw it for the first time ... not bad! It isn't my favorite but it is entertaining, kind of like seeing Seagal meets Matrix. Some of the action reminded me of that, as well as the costumes. peace, kb
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    New great-grandson!

    There is a new great-grandson in the family!!! I know my late hubby would be sooo proud :) and we are all very happy. Babies are such beautiful beings ... fresh from the realm of heaven. Someone once said that if you want see a "face" of God, look at a baby's face. In Oneness and Peace...
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    Peace to you all

    Just wanted to say I miss being here and that I fully intend to spend more time here from now on. My hubby finally passed on. He had a challenging summer and was in much pain, so it was really a blessing he no longer has to live in a worn-out body. The family was with him, giving him...
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    Dannion's message

    In light of Memorial Day, take time to check out: Dannion Brinkley and Steven are friends as I understand it. Dannion always has much to say that I'm sure Steven would appreciate. In Oneness and Peace
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    waterworld Check out the above site - it is amazing! I found it on Dannion Brinkley's links (Dannion is a friend of Steven!) Enjoy :) In Oneness and Peace