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  1. ZenMan

    Steven Seagal Biography

    Did anyone happen to cacth Steven Seagal biography on Sky (uk) channel Bio , they showed it before the first 2 episodes of Lawman the other night . It seemed to be quite an indepth bio and was very up to the minute as regard showing you filming from Lawman . Just thought i would give the...
  2. ZenMan

    Hello Everyone

    Hi !!!! Who Remembers Me & Who Doesn't ? Its been a while .......... Take it Easy ;) ***ZenMan***
  3. ZenMan

    Sereeeeeeeeeeeena !!!!!!!!!!!

    "Life without friendship is like the sky without sun" You Are My Sun ......... xXx
  4. ZenMan

    Perth Concert Hall March 7th

    Hi All Just a quick note to say i went last night to see the "Great One " at perth concert hall and it was F**kin amazing to be standing a few feet away from the man himself was surreal ?!?! An Excellent guitar player and good singer who had no pompus Hollywood attitude. A Truly...
  5. ZenMan

    Merry Xmas !!!!!

    Merry Christmas !!!!! Hello All I'd Like to take this chance to wish you all a very happy christmas and a fantastic 2006 MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!! *ZenMan*
  6. ZenMan

    Hello guys !!!!

    Hi All just dropping a note to say that i dropped by the chat forum on fri night for a chat had a quick 2 min chat with lonewolf , went to get something to eat , had my food sat on the setee while i drank my herbal tea ( lemon & ginseng) and the next thing i knew it was 7am saturday morning...
  7. ZenMan

    Hello to Friends Old and New !!!!

    just a quick message to say i am home to stay ( for good i hope) after many months away , i have missed the chats and posts of a lot of the regulars and i look forward to getting to know the new members that have joined since i was last here Thought about a lot of you when i was away , so...
  8. ZenMan

    Coming Soon !!!

    I will be coming home soon back to where i belong after many months away ...................... 1- What did i miss??? ;) 2- What did i not miss ??? :rolleyes: 3- Did u miss me ??? ;) P.s ..... A special Friend !!! , I've missed you , Lotta catching up to do , see you soon xXx...
  9. ZenMan

    On Behalf Of ZenMan

    Hello ....... I am ZenMan's best friend and he has asked that i drop by his pad and drop a line let you know that he is not dead and is in fact tied up with his job , his firm have sent him away to the Head offices down in southern scotland to try and get him to get that factory...
  10. ZenMan

    The Punisher !!!!!

    Hi All Just watched the "New" Punisher last night !!!!! What a really good film ( I Thought !) So much better than the dolph lungdren one which coincidently if you live in the Uk is on Ch5 Tonight , but i recommend the new one , john travolta as the bad guy .......real good piece of...
  11. ZenMan

    Thanks Guys !!!!!

    Hi All , Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday on the 11th of june ....i know i might of came across as ignorant not thanking you all sooner but i have had real bad luck with the guts of my computer .....bad luck like you would not believe ........ It...
  12. ZenMan

    a BIG thanks for Serena!!!!

    Guys , wanted to say that i think last nites chat was very worthwhile and a good discussion with many different subjects being tossed around ( i know i got lost several times) :confused: But last nights improved attendance in members made the visit very enjoyable and that has to go down...
  13. ZenMan

    A Thank You From Me !!!

    Hello Everyone ! I am dropping a line to all you true and genuine members out there who have made me feel very welcome on my return , i have been touched by the private messages that i have recieved from various members giving me that little bit of support , i also would like to thank the...
  14. ZenMan

    * Jalu * This may help !

    i noticed from a post that you are having bother with a porn attack on your browser , you need to get your hands on 1 of 2 programs either Ad-Adware or spy bot search and destroy , run either of these and viola the porn will be gone , need anymore help just give me a shout ***ZenMan***
  15. ZenMan

    Girl It's Alright Requests

    to all the members who haved pm me to ask for a copy of the mp3 of the above song .....i have to dissapoint and say that i am no longer prepared to share it , not that i'm greedy but 2 members have spoiled it for everyone else ......these two managed to obtain my e-mail address from e-mails that...
  16. ZenMan

    A Quote !!!!

    i came across this today , quite apt in my case but a good quote never the less: "Sometimes it is necessary for us to use our will, our intention, and sometimes we should just leave things alone, just be with them and watch them. There is a time to think; a time to talk and a time to remain...
  17. ZenMan

    The Silent Winds Go Unoticed

    Hello everyone !!!!!! ZenMan Here ......... I just thought i would drop u a line and reply to some of the pm's i have had asking a range of things like : was i dead , had i left the forum , had aliens abducted me , well the answers to these are no , no , and mmmm...not sure !!! one...
  18. ZenMan

    Aikido :The Path Beyond Thought

    I have finally managed after months of searching , been able to obtain a copy of this Seagal Documentary ...... And am looking forward to sitting down and watching it Any Members out there tell me if it was worth my time & effort , as it will be a couple of weeks before i recieve film...
  19. ZenMan

    Does Anyone Need .........

    Seeing as i am about to install a new hard drive soon i will be backing up all my music files to cd rom which will in time eventually get lost , so my question is does anyone want ' Girl It's Alright ' Before i take it off for good ??? its a perfect cd quality recording , so its good ...
  20. ZenMan

    Seriuos for a Moment !

    Has anyone heard from or know how katrina102457 is ??? i know i asked a while back and no-one knew nothing i am hoping someone has heard from here as she truly touched my heart and i am increasingly worried about her all i need is to know she is fine , i will not betray katrina's confidence...