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    Seagal sex harrassment suit dismissed

    Good for Steve, now he can move on to bigger things
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    Steven Seagal on Jimmy Kimmel Live(video on youtube)

    Couldn't agree more, its great to see him in this light versus being a very so egotistical before. Hope he stays that way with the success to come
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    Television Advance Screening Of Lawman Tonight

    The first episode was awsome! I can't believe how good he can really shoot. Also some old photos of him with Henry Lee that looked like The Above the Law era Seagal.
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    Lawman site

    More clips on the lawman site. Really cool seeing him do stuff that aint movie related
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    The Eagle Path - NEW Van Damme Romance movie

    Undoubtably he is making better quality movies than Seagal. But I don't blame Seagal anymore for it. He is hapy doing what hes doing and Van Damme is more passionate than ever about his movie career. Anyone who has seen JCVD will tell you that(not that it was great but he really went out on a...
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    Driven To Kill - Reviews

    Just finished watching it for the second time and have to admit I judged it too much on the first viewing. It was a really good movie compared to most of what he has done in the past. Im not a critic and should not make comments about movies if im not the one envolved with them. I hope that his...
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    Driven To Kill - Reviews

    This movie was crap, what a let down. The dubbing was almost throughout the whole movie and Seagal isnt in any better shape here than in any of his last 5 movies(just look at him in the t-shirt). He still had plenty of doubles here and it is simply done for him because he is so out of shape...
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    Rob Schneider anecdotes about Seagal!

    That was hillarious. I can just see him doing that at that point in his career.
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    Art of War 2

    Production was better but other than that it sucked. I am a fan of Snipes but the story that this film went by was dumb(and yes I know so have alot of Seagals's) but it was a big dissapointment to me because I liked the first. And the fight in the dark at that house was not Snipes(although he...
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    Movies Belly Of The Beast

    I have to say that BOB only had a few good points. The fact that they would make fight scenes with Seagal doing spininning round house kicks is absolutely stupid. The director of the movie has beeen reported as not happy if someone doesnt do a scene his way and uses doubles when they don't...
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    Kill Switch - Reviews

    Too bad he never made Honor Farm(the sequel book to Exit Wounds which I read and would have been a great film for him to make).
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    Kill Switch - Reviews

    He did not put on 60lbs between Exit Wounds and Half Pat Dead. Look at the last scene in HPD when he talks to Ja Rule, He is wearing almost the same suit from the begining of Exit Wounds. I think he got way to much attention for losing weight in Exit Wounds(he looked good but still had a few to...
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    Pistol Whipped - Reviews

    I thought that this was a probably his best effort since Into the Sun. But the thing that I was most impressed with was: 1. He actually wore t-shirts with no coat on. 2. No more trench coats. 3. The production on this was way better than all of his movies made in Europe even with such a small...
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    Steven Seagal Attended 3rd annual Los Angeles Italia-Film Fashion Festival

    First I want to say that I have been a Seagal fan ever since he has been making movies, and that I am also in the medical field and know that there are many reasons that people become over weight(mind you, the medical field is full of people who are overweight for no other reason than a poor...
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    Steven Seagal Attended 3rd annual Los Angeles Italia-Film Fashion Festival

    I first want to say that I respect people's right to like Seagal skinny or fat, but please don't say that it has anything to do with his age. It only has to do with the fact that being healthy is not a priority to him. I mean for God sake Kirstie Alley lost weight why the hell can't he? The...
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    What do you guys think of RAMBO?

    Just saw Rambo and I have to say that this is the best Stallone movie he has made in at least 15 years. The ironic thing is that the same producers and companies(Millinium and New Image) made this movie and it was awsome. Which to me dispells the myth that they were the reason that Seagal's...
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    What do you guys think of RAMBO?

    Reguardless of what he took to get in shape he still had to make the effort to get in shape! I will be seeing the movie in a few days and think that it looks much better than the first 3(except for First Blood). I read in an article that the studio that gave him the 2 picture deal is giving him...
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    Pistol Whipped - Reviews

    Just curious why some think he looks bigger in this movie than in his last 5. The only difference I see here is that he ditched the trench coat. To me he doen't look any different than Urban Justice(actually thought he looks better). Anyway, still lookin forward to seein him kick some a$$.
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    James Bond?

    Daniel Craig in Casino Royale. I thought that Casino Royale was much better done than the Bourne movies as far as action movies go and im really looking forward to Bond 22. And of course Sean Connery was great and I grew up with Roger Moore.
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    Urban Justice (Renegade Justice) Reviews

    Just finished watching for the second time, and have to say that it was way better than his last 3-4 efforts. Fights were well done, and Seagal just seemed alot more present in this movie than others. I did not care for the car chase, and they really need to find some other supporting cast...