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    Lumbosacral Spine..

    Hey Glimmerman, & Kookie, I did send you a reply the other day but it seems to have disappeared??? In it I said, that you two, Orangatuang, & me , should be the first four nuts, to start the chat room off on this site! I've tried it a few times & there's never anybody in? wander why that is...
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    Lumbosacral Spine..

    Hey Glimmerman, we should all go into the chat room on a night time like they do on SS . Com, we have a whale of a time in there! laughing & joking on, give each other the wind up! meeting new Fans, getting to know one another, what with me , you, Orangatuang, & Kookie there's a great start...
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    Lumbosacral Spine..

    Hey Glimmerman were you talkin about bending over Orangatuang or me? or both? Just as long as we don't have to do the bending! co's you'd be the one who'd have to straighten us up! How are you man? never spoke to you in a while? Don't tell me your back's bad? Otherwise Orangatuang & me are in...
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    Lumbosacral Spine..

    Hey Don't be sorry for me! I have Steven to think about, that keeps me going, that georgeous hunk of a man, what I would'nt do to get my hands on him, & give him a full body massage to make him relax after this tour! he would'nt need another wife or girlfriend ever again, not after he felt my...
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    Perth Concert Hall March 7th

    Hey Zenman! everybody I know that has been to a Steven Seagal & Thunderbox Concert on his Tour have said the same thing, amazing, fantastic, brilliant, great show, excellent singer & guitar player, brilliant band, a real gentleman, dancing & singing in the aisles, rocking, really smiling &...
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    Lumbosacral Spine..

    Hey Heather, I'm so sorry to hear about your back girl!, looks like we're both in the same boat, I am crippled with arthritis, the pain is intense, & unbearable, they have told me that I'm going to end up in a wheelchair because of the condition of my spine & right leg! the ankle is buggered, it...
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    Hi everyone I am new at this forum

    Hey Powwowa, I know you will enjoy yourself on the forum among us mad lot, but welcomr anyway, Steven & Thunderbox are fantastic in concert are'nt they? I went to see them at Newcastle-Upon-Tyne on January 17th, it was such a memorable night for me! Join the crazy gang, co's we're all crazy on...
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    I agree with you PurpleLotus, Nature is a wonderful thing, it is amazing, it is unique, & everything in nature is beautiful, in it's own right, animals, plants, trees, growth, rebirth, colours, & textures, everything. I love nature!
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    John Inman..

    Hey Heather, of course I know who you are talking about, he used to have me in stitches with his portrayal of Mr Humphries! he was hilarious, I didn't even know he was ill, never mind that he had died, I am so sorry to hear that, he was a good comedy actor, Farewell John!
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    I don't care what anyone says it costs nothing to be polite! & Steven's PA, or whatever she is, isn't even that! she's a stern faced miserable devil! yeah she may have a difficult job! but it takes nothing, to smile, & say Hello, how do you do, I'm Mr Seagal's PA, or whatever! could please act...
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    His PR takes her job far too serious, she wants to lighten up, she has already been warned about this, if she keeps this up, Steven will not stand for it! So lighten up Lady, smile more, introduce yourself to the fans, or lose your job! Because if you keep this up, you will lose Steven a lot of...
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    Seagal Mocked on E!'s: The Soup.

    You tell him Orangatuang! When Steven supposedly laughed at himself, it took a real man to do that, but he was probably laughing at the others being right prats! or thinking that to himself & having a good laugh!
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    Hola, desde Argentina - Hi, from Argentina

    Hello German Ariel, Welcome to the site, you do not have a poor knowledge of the English Language, you are doing very well, & I agree with everything you say about Steven, he is very well loved the world over, he is very talented, he is a wonderful man, his love of nature, animals, people, &...
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    A big hello from switzerland!!!!

    Hello Ayako, & Welcome to the site! I know that you will enjoy this forum as I have since I joined, I have had some good laughs, shared my feelings, shared opinions with all members, & some I have become very good friends with, anyway feel free to get in touch any time & we'll have a good...
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    Steven Seagal's Sky Taxi !!

    I agree with you there Heather, Brunette's are by far the most fun, they don't just have the most fun, that's co's we've got a great sense of humour, we're to straight-laced for a lot of people, we call a spade a spade, we're cheeky devils with our humour, & we love a good chat, a good time...
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    Billy Thorpe..

    Hey Sorry to hear that Heather!! I haven't actually heard of him, but I know how sad I feel when some really good singers that I have liked that have been around for some time, have passed away! Unfortunately we all have our time marked out for us! I just hope mines not for a long long time...
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    Steven Seagal talks to Shefbase !!

    Hi Heather, that was very good! if he comes to your country then I'm coming to live with you!! & we can go touring round all the concerts to see Steven, so get the bed made up, & I'll stow away on the next ship!!! Your Best Pal suzy! By the way did you get my email yet???
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    I will be moving from Istanbul !!!

    Hey Suzi, I hope you have much luck, love, health, wealth & happiness in your new home, when you get connected to the internet, send us a photo of your new home please!! My brother Mick visits Turkey up to 4 times a year & he loves the place, it sounds fantastic, & is full of friendly people the...
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    NorthernStar Online review

    Hi Gui, I don't blame you for getting angry man, if I had seen that first, I probably would have castrated the swine that wrote it, the bloody brainless cretin! Everyone is entitle to their opinion, but that is going way over the top, I wander if they can, sing, play guitar, or act, probably...
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    Steven with a nice girl

    The person in the pic, is definitely the person who was at the Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Concert! Yes she looks young, but she must be in her 30's, & as lisalovesste says, she was a snotty cow! the way she went on, never even smiled once! how old will Steven's daughter Ayako be???