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  1. Lord of Snaps

    Movie Music Request

    Music-from-movie Request I was curious if anyone could possibly supply me downloadable/savable (?) with music from some non-Seagal films. My simple requests are: >Code of Silence (chuck norris) soundtrack (score done by David Michael Frank) >Hard Target (van damme) opening hunting music...
  2. Lord of Snaps

    Where is Seagal's "Scent of Action" aftershave available?

    I have been shaving recently and use this crappy store-brand aftershave. Does anyone know where I can purchase a bottle of The Great One's aftershave 'The Scent of Action'? I'm dying to know. If anyone can help, thank you very much.
  3. Lord of Snaps

    Out for Justice ending song (Don't Stand in My Way)

    Does anyone know where I can get the song Don't Stand In My Way from Out for Justice? I looked in cd stores for the soundtrack and even on Limewire for the song and cannot find it anywhere. Can someone assist me?
  4. Lord of Snaps

    A fresh arm

    Hello, fellow Seagal fans! Nice to be in a place that indulges itself in The Great One. Just one question--it isn't possible to have animated avatars, is it? Because I have a cool Hard to Kill avatar that I'm currently trying to make 100x100, right here...