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    has steven adopted

    hi every one i was looking on the internet on this site i saw it said steven had adopted a child , is this right
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    stevens son kentaro

    hi i see stevens son kentaro is following in his dad foot steps with his aikido he is holding 4 th degree black belt in this at the moment and he as done movies he even looks abit like steven i hope he dose well in opening his new school in south park district dwntown los angeles .
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    has any one ever sent Steven a gift

    hi i was just wondering if any has ever sent Steven a gift and if so what
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    fan address

    hi i hope some one can help i want to send a letter to Steven but need to know the fan address so i can wright to him can you help me someone
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    web site

    i found a web site with movie posters some of steven seagal
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    dose any one no where Stevens aikido schools are
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    if you where Steven where would you live

    if you where Steven where in the world would you live
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    slow boat to china

    hi i have just listened to this song slow boat to china as some one recommend it and it made me think who is this song about some say arissa but i guess only he will know. who do you think this song is about
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    would you get a tattoo to show your love for Steven if yes what of ?
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    Name for steven

    If you had to chose and name to best describe Steven what would it be and why ?
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    Would you

    would you change Steven if you could if yes what would you change about him ?
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    If Steven was a colour

    if Steven was a colour what would he be and why :cool:
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    song to describe Steven

    If you had a chose of a song to describe Steven what song would you choose and why ?:)
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    give steven a gift

    If you had a chance to give Steven a gift what would it be and why
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    staring in one of Stevens films

    If you could star in one of Steven's films witch one and what part would you take and why hard to kill would be my film and i would be Kelly Le brooks part the love interest because just one look in to his eyes and I'm smitten
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    steven's music

    hi i have just been listing to Steven's music songs from the crystal cave one in particular i liked the song called better man oh my it made me cry whats your favorite one :)
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    your on a deserted island with Steven what three things do you have with you

    i would have gaiter bikini and drink
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    What would you give up to have a day with Steven

    i think i would give up every think to be with him for one day