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  1. saundersmidge

    Signature test... One, two... hands up in the air!!

    Testing new signature... Too big or does it need something done to it?? :)
  2. saundersmidge

    True Justice Wikia For Fans!

    Hey fans of our great Papa Bear Steven Seagal! I just started a wikia fan site for Steven Seagal's show "True Justice"! Feel free to add/edit and whatnot to the site! Or just explore it for the heck of it! ;) ;) :D -Saunders
  3. saundersmidge

    "Want me to come with?" says new member and fan of the new tv show/movies!

    Hey guys! I fell in love with True Justice and Steven Seagal really knows how to continue his martial arts and beat up those perps silly! I've been a fan of him for a few years!! But also I've become fans of the characters in the tv show!! Like Juliet Saunders, played by beautiful long-legged...