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    Born To Raise Hell - Reviews

    not his best DTV but certainly not the worst! very shaky camera work like its been shot with a handheld, too many close ups in every type of scene from shootouts to fights,camera was very close making viewing the action clautrophobic. shootouts were noisy and messy almost random.decent enough...
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    Dolph Lundgren's ICARUS first look!

    where are u getting ur copy from?
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    The Keeper - Reviews

    At last,Ive just watched The Keeper!I would like to say it was worth the wait,so I will!It is a decent film though nothing close to his early work,but I dont think that is ever going to happen now.The Keeper is certainly on par with Renegade Justice and Pistol Whipped.The lighting is better than...
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    The ultimate "The Keeper" countdown!!!

    mine on order from too and was dispatched thursday!!!better be here tomorrow its been too long!was hoping it would be here yesterday.its only 15 cert though which is worrying!still,i work nights so ive got all day tomorrow to watch it if it turns up and will post a review on here,my...
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    hi, sorry i only just got ur message u sent on my birthday!thank u very much,was great day,well...

    hi, sorry i only just got ur message u sent on my birthday!thank u very much,was great day,well week actually as i had week offwork!
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    Driven To Kill - Reviews

    I thought this movie was one of his best DTV releases to mentioned above,who doesnt use doubles nowadays.more importantly,seagal seemed more interested in this film and more involved.trying a russian accent,running in a scene,doing (some) of his own fights etc.when you compare to past...
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    Your dvd-collection

    last count i had just over 3800,but that was couple of years ago!
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    Against The Dark - Reviews

    Just seen the movie,not too bad considering its not a seagal starring movie just an extended cameo.seagal did have more screen time than i thought he would thing that struck me is that this seemed to be the movie that attack force started out as,even down to the blades used by reed in...
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    Kill Switch - Reviews

    this was by no means seagals worst film but it is the weakest of his last 3 dtv films.personally i think pistol whipped was best in terms of story,fight scenes,seagals acting/character,his enthusiasm and overall look.urban/renegade justice was not far off maybe bit dark in places.but kill switch...
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    Dragon1978, Happy Birthday.....

    Thanks everyone!the big 30 this year but I feel no different despite most of my friends tellin me how ancient I am now!But age is just a number and as long as i have all me wits about me ill always train and teach wherever possible!lol
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    XBOX Live

    I am and my gamer tag is GlimmerMan1978
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    What do you guys think of RAMBO?

    I think the movie was very good however not quite as good as i thought it would be.It is not as superb as rocky balboa was but its still good in its own right.rocky balboa was the perfect end to the saga,rambo felt ever so slightly missing something almost as if it was trying to be a little bit...
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    Urban Justice (Renegade Justice) Reviews

    Well Ive seen the film now too and it is awesome!As the saying goes never judge a book by its cover!Same goes for this;the cover may not be great but film certainly is!I would not say this is up there with Hard To Kill or Marked For Death but from all his DTV releases Urban Justice is easily his...
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    Van Damme's Upcoming Movies.

    i too have heard about that project but it is not listed on imdb or the official van damme site.does anyone know if bloodsport 2 is still going ahead?kumite seems to have died a death which is a shame!but on his official site it does say that a new exciting project is underway with details to...
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    Movies Steven's Upcoming Movies - 2008

    the new film "enemy of the unseen",is that a new title for an already mentioned project or a totally new project altogether?because what is happening with shadows of the past and harvester?
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    Custom Mercenary For Justice Trailer

    hi everyone, im not sure how to start a new thread so ill add it on this one!this may be useful to some people it certainly is for me.when ordering the latest seagal releases i use only are they cheaper than most places but you can advance order any upcoming release!i...
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    Van Damme's Upcoming Movies.

    i would think those 2 movies are alternate titles for second in command and hard corps.but as to kumite there was definitely an article somewhere which i will try and find in my history that stated some scenes had been shot.
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    Van Damme's Upcoming Movies.

    hi little dragon,kumite was halted approx halfway through production due to distribution problems.he will make 3 movies the first nearing completion called second in command,next up is "the hard corps" due start filming this month.then the sheldon letitch scripted "bloodsport 2 new...
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    Van Damme's Upcoming Movies.

    kumite as far as i have been informed was almost halfway to completion but a problem with distributors for the movie caused jcvd to pause production and so jumped in to make second in command followed by hard corps.he will then look to make bloodsport 2 in the 2nd half of 2006 but this is...
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    half past dead soundtrack

    can anyone tell me where i can get hold of the soundtrack the film "half past dead"?i have searched everywhere but seems to never have been released!this seems crazy as not only was it one the best seagal films it featured ja rule in the soundtrack!