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    Seagal Is Up For Some Expendables Action. As we touched on before, his exclusion so far is more to do with rifts with the Lerners than Seagal's ego. It seems if he is able to appear in either 3, or 4 (which is inevitable if the 3rd is a...
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    UK members: Casting for my film!

    If anyone is interested. A film I've written is currently casting. The man I am working with on this, is Nic Main, who will be bringing the film to life. He's starting up an independant action movie, and one of the two first features, is my screenplay Lap Dogs. Currently we are casting, and...
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    The Expendables. Too awesome to comprehend!

    Stallones latest action flick, not only has himself headlining, but also Jason Statham, Jet Li, and now...Dolph Lundgren is on board! This is the must see action film of next year! It's gonna be awesome. All four guys play members of an elite mercenary team sent into south America to overthrow a...
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    Dolph Lundgren- Retrograde, Directors edition!

    Extremely rare, unofficial and exclusive Directors edition of Retrograde available now on Ebay! This is a one time thing, and this version will never be officially released. It's the closest you'll get to the directors intended vision for the film. It's better than the official release, which...
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    Excellent site for action fans! Seagal inc.
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    Live in or around Dallas? Dolph Lundgren, Missionary Man premiere!!

    The Dolphster is premiering his latest flick, Missionary Man. It's all his, he wrote, produced, directed and of course kick ass in it too. So anyone from Dallas or nearby (you lucky lucky people) should go along, the D-Man will be in attendance too. I'm gutted being in the wrong country and all...
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    Dolph Lundgren- Missionary Man trailer!!

    Looks super badass, in a how badass is Rambo 4 looking kind of a way. This aint no sugar coated film like Die Hard 4 seems to be. It looks hard-R. What's great is, that the trailer is A: long and B: well cut. Effort has been put into this, and the film has an interesting look to it. I think...
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    Lundgren makes triumpthant return to the cinemas!

    Dolph's latest flick, the Jesus Epic The Inquiry (now titled The Final Inquiry) is beng released in America by Fox, through their new distribution outlet, FOXfaith. FOXfaiths first film came out on Feb 9th, opening in 429 screens. Considerng The Inquiry is a bigger budget, with a bigger cast of...
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    Seagal clears out the room service.

    According to an article in the Sun (UK) Seagal, staying at a hotel in Copenhagen recently, ordered so much room service, there was none left for the other guests! Looks like Steveo's been at the Krispey Cremes, and the BLT's. Looking forward to the Friday Night Project tonight too!
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    Seagal article on AICN.

    Mention's the lameness to come in Once Upon a Time In The Hood. Again Seagal show's he's let down by these movies. Although he can't complain too much when he's paid 5mill each one.
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    My Myspace action star recommendation guide.

    Doing a kind of guide to the standout action film's from the action star's.
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    Wow- Steven plays right next to my home town!

    5 feb, he's playing the Wycombe Swan in the UK. I live 10 minutes away and I'm most definitely going.
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    More film news from Dolph Lundgren.

    Dolph gave this info at the world premiere of Rocky Balboa. So at the moment Dolph has on his directing plate Tumbling Dice AND Double or Nothing. Now you can add another for next year. Dolph's western is finally gonna be made. He's currently casting for Missionary Man, a movie by Sony, which...
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    Anyone got myspace site, then whack it here and i'll add you. Here's mine
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    Joe Interviewed on Moviehole!
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    My DTV guide.

    Some may find this interesting, if you've ever wondered about some of the ins and outs of the business. DTV- Guide. How Do these movies make their money and how do the lead actors get paid so much? My findings throughout this relate mainly to the low budget studio and mostly to the...
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    Steven Seagal MAD TV spoof Funny stuff.
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    Yahoo Serious- I need an Aussie perspective.

    Okay this needs an Aussie perspective, so I'm calling ORANGATUANG for this one. What do you think of Yahoo Serious, Aussie comedy genius. They never really got his laid back Aussie humour in the states or Europe, for example his re-imagning of Albert Einstein, who not only created the theory of...
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    Van Damme career guide.

    Van Damme career guide: Jean Claude Van Damme was made for the movies. This former European middle weight Karate champ, who can do the splits and can jump in the air, spin 360 degrees, and kick someone’s teeth out with precision accuracy, had it made from his first break into showbiz. Some...
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    Brit Awards 2006- Prince.