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    Its to big

    I started another thread because the Hourglass thread is to big for one thread. I am so overwhelmed by some of the comments I read in many areas. Just needed to open another thread to contain the spinoff stuff. Spinoff stuff is a business term that another member could explain if they...
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    How can I use His Ways to get through?

    I was posting to a member and I said use His Ways to get through. Perhaps the member might not know what of His Ways to use. This is a chance for anybody to post a problem and ask. How can I use His Ways to get through? The members here who have a excellent grasp of His Ways can give the...
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    Around the World in His Ways

    I would like to thank Tigerfeet for this title of a movie that He can be in to showcase His Ways. It seems that the principals here who are entertaining this thought have agreeed it is not for the money that we write. With that in mind it is now open for all who think of Him to write how...
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    A worthy place for Him to be at.

    Mr. Beno Sterlicht from Niskayuna, NY wishes to start a organization he calls SeniorCorps, patterened after the Peace Corps, which would give seniors an opportunity to put their talent and energy to use. He would have it centered in Istanbul, Turkey, which he sees as a bridge between Europe and...
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    Does anyone use His Ways in daily life.

    You may ask what do you mean by His Ways? Simply The Way He is in all His movies and in all the Ways you know Him to Be. I use His Ways daily to be the calm smart and thoughtful person in the group. I use His Ways to rise above the petty matters that happen all around every day...
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    Saw a move I learned

    I am new and I will try to make this brief. I took Karate when I was 14 I got two belts. I learned alot and practiced the moves for 37 years. I always backed up and was defensive mostly unless I needed to attack. I met a Master at a Chamber of Commerce Function. He was offering a free...
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    I am using his ways

    In an effort to make it through my workday I am using thinking if how Steven would talk and react. I found this site and am new thanks